December 8, 2017

Friday Failures

I get so bogged down by the day to day and I actually lose track of all time at home because the dogs haven't been here to remind me when they need to be fed and walked. I start doing schoolwork or reading things online or puttering around in some form or another and it's like a time machine shooting forward. Plus, when it's dark at 4:30, and it's been pretty cold this week, I just lose motivation.

Unlike Jett. Jett is motivated by attention.

This week I had to spend a lot of time getting caught up on paperwork because I went to Laramie last weekend and did nothing but go to the movies, walk the dogs, and eat out. I'm really focused on getting through these next two weeks without any major hang-ups.

Last week, I shared some's some fails for this Friday...

1. I went to the grocery store on Sunday evening, but forgot milk and kcups (I thought I had these things...the milk we had was questionable I realized when I got home, and I was almost out of kcups). Since I was on base running errands on Monday afternoon, I stopped at the commissary again and ended up waiting in the express line for almost half an hour at 5pm in order to buy that milk and box of kcups. Not a great use of time.

2. I waited almost 3 months for Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng to come to me through the library's ebook system. Finally got it last week. Read 7%. Lost all motivation to read. I foresee it going back to the library and me being back on the wait list because #1: I do enjoy it #2: Maybe I'll feel more like reading next month (or in 3 months, depending on how you look at it).

3. When you start the week with exactly one blog post pre-written, guess how many blog posts get published? One. I did do the Christmas survey yesterday, as well. I thought about a weekend recap, but I more or less put that on Instagram.

4. I have our Christmas cards. I have no Christmas card list because I'm 99.9% sure I threw it away last year when I was "cleaning". I also have no stamps because #postoffice.

5. All of my laundry is washed and clean, but it's all on the floor, closet floor, and bed. This is a throwback to my life before dogs. I can't leave clean laundry lay around when they're here because they lay on it and wrestle on it. Back in Alaska, I had a permanent sea of clean clothing on the floor.

Bonus: I've worn these boots every day this week. Does it even matter? Not really, right? Especially if it was cold enough for me to pull out the marshmallow coat. (similar)

Share your success for the week, please. I need some motivation. 


  1. Your laundry failure sounds like my entire laundry life.

  2. i can't leave laundry - clean or dirty laying around.. my cats play with it and if it is any kind of stringy or strappy (so bras bikinis, drawstrings), penny chews and destroys. very annoying.
    Little Fires Everywhere is my next book club book - i got it from BOTM because i knew i'd never get it from the library lol. i have to read it and then my friend in book club has to read it but after that, if you still don't have it from the library lol, i'd be happy to pass it along!

  3. I hate putting away laundry. I can no longer even let it sit in baskets. That is puppy fodder now.

  4. Getting home from the grocery store and realizing I forgot something/should have bought something annoys the CRAP out of me. Worst.

  5. Love those boots!! I hate waiting in grocery lines and I hate even MORE when I forget one or two things. So irritating. I hope you get to Little Fires Everywhere sometime - I think you will really like it! December is a hard month motivation wise - I feel like expectations (if you choose for them to be) are so much higher but I am also so ready to just curl up and do nothing. haha. Good luck with the next couple of weeks!

  6. I hope you are able to find your christmas card list!


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