December 7, 2017

Christmas ???s

1. Real tree or fake tree?
Fake, fake, fake. There's nothing easier or more convenient than a fake tree. This year, we're planning on going home for Christmas so I didn't put up the fake tree. It's huge and a pain to set up but our neighbors in Alaska gave it to us back in 2010 when they moved to the lower 48 and now I don't want to get rid of it. I think I will eventually get a pre-lit tree because that'd be the intelligent thing to do (less work and all).

2. Favorite Christmas cookie?
I like making sugar cookies for the experience of it, I like eating these ginger molasses cookies, I like eating these Hershey's Kiss cookies while they're still warm, and I really enjoy making this peppermint fudge because it's the perfect flavor.

3. Home on Christmas morning or travel?
We usually stay home but we're planning a trip to Pennsylvania this year. Fingers crossed we actually get there before Christmas morning. 

4. Clear or colored lights?
Both. I like colored lights on the tree and clear lights elsewhere because they can stay up all winter. 

5. Send Christmas cards?
I try to. I don't believe I've done it every year since we've been married but I intentionally try most years.

6. Favorite Christmas present received? 
I don't know that I really remember this from when I was younger, but I really like that Scott bought me a Roomba last year and told me it was so I didn't have to stress myself out with cleaning the floors as often now. I usually use it every other day when the dogs are around but if the dogs are in Wyoming, I rarely need to vacuum. 

7. Favorite Christmas present given?
I have no idea. What a terrible answer. 

8. Stockings or no stockings?
Stockings are the best part. However, we never bought nice ones for us, in these last 8-9 years, simply because Scott wasn't always around for Christmas so it wasn't a priority. Some day, we'll get personalized ones. I did buy official dog stockings though this year, so that was a step in the right direction. 

9. Christmas PJs?
No. I usually buy new pajama pants or something, but there's never a Christmas theme. I want something I can wear year-round.

10. Favorite Christmas carol?
I like Angels We Have Heard on High. Things out of the old Methodist hymnals. Also, African Bell Carol ('s the TSO version) and anything from The Nutcracker. I used to listen to The Nutcracker soundtrack on a loop. The reason for this is because I played all of the songs I mention in the school orchestra so they've just stuck with me. 

11. Favorite holiday tradition?
I like leaving the tree up for as long as possible. Up at the end of November, down in January, just because I like the lights. Also, planning for and baking all different types of cookies and fudge.

12. Early shopper or last minute?
I'm not an early shopper but I usually have things to get in the mail so I try to be done by mid-December.

13. Favorite Christmas movie or show?
I really like the old claymation-ish Christmas shows. Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, etc. I own them all on DVD and used to show them to kids at school (but I'm not allowed to do that anymore). I like Prep and Landing a lot too. And It's a Wonderful Life and then The Santa Clause is likely my most favorite. I kind of got into the Hallmark movies in recent years but they've started to wear on me, as they are really, really dumb, so I likely won't be watching anymore this year.

14. Favorite holiday beverage?
Something caramel-y from Starbucks. A latte with one pump of syrup, most likely. Maybe the caramel brulee. I used to drink them all winter in Alaska.

15. Cookies and milk for Santa?
If we had kids, yes. And I'd leave something for the reindeer too.


  1. I have Christmas PJs but I wear them all the time!!

  2. Getting a pre lit tree that is up in 3,pieces? Life changing. We would argue every year putting up a tree & stringing lights.,I always said that would be our reason for divorce. Haha

  3. We’re all about the fake trees, too. Except our pre-lit one no longer lights so we have to string lights on it. We’ll be getting a new one when they go on sale after Christmas this year.

    Also, I like colored lights too but Isaiah is a strict white-lights-only person. Last year I FINALLY convinced him to let me string some of those retro large-bulb colored lights around our front door but it took like five years of begging.

    I almost always buy a new pair of Christmas pjs from Old Navy this time of year because they’re super cheap, but I forgot this year and now I wouldn’t even get them in time. Guess I’m stuck with last year’s pair. SIGH.

  4. I'm all about fake trees, the convenience of it has me sold.

  5. oh gosh i was thinking about doing this but i wouldn't know what to answer for the gift giving either.. or gift receiving for that matter. i can't remember if our tree is pre lit.. i think it is because i am 97% sure we don't have separate lights and i know the tree lights up.. right? i don't know. i should probably get it out this weekend. blah. i don't do christmas themed clothes either. we used to do cookies, milk & carrots for santa and the reindeer. so cute. definitely will do that if we have kids one day.

  6. I agree, nothing is more convenient than a fake tree - especially when it is pre-lit. But, inevitably, one of the lights will go out or a section will stop working and there you go... Nothing quite says Merry Christmas like light malfunctions do. LOL!


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