December 28, 2017

Christmas (Mostly Dog) Stuff and Things

The only pictures I have on my phone from the last few days are dog pictures. I'm sure there's pictures of me on other peoples' phones and cameras, but not my own. So until I get around to asking for those (pulling them from the social media of others...), here we are: 

In a Best Western in Kansas. You can't tell me we don't take care of these pets. 

I heard some snuffling and snarling in the backseat...Scout had gone after my tissue box. Awesome fact (and why I've been laying low on the social media): I caught a cold two days before we left on a 3-day drive (we left Friday) and it's still not gone. 

Walking the dogs at a rest stop in Indiana. We have little light-up trackers on their collars so we can let them jog around off-leash. 

My dad would keep the dogs if my mom would let him.  

A white Christmas is something we haven't seen in years. It was nice the way it actually did snow on Christmas Eve night. 

These guys love opening presents. 

Jett had a long day. 

And then Scout gave up and slept on my open suitcase. 

We've seen a lot of family, some friends, and still have several days in Pennsylvania to go. It's super cold here, barely out of the teens, and we're not quite as used to that anymore. However, it's better than hot and dry (cough, Colorado, cough). 
Today the plan is to go look for a pair of Uggs and see The Last Jedi. 

I hope your Christmas was a merry one and that you're also getting in some relaxation this week!


  1. Glad your still enjoying the holidays. & that your cold didn't hamper celebration.
    Love,all the dog pics. Its basically how i take pics of every event too.

  2. I love your dad with the dogs!

    It is really exceptionally cold here, colder where you are I'm sure.

    Hope you feel better!

  3. My dog loves opening presents too! It's so fun to watch! Glad you guys had a safe trip. I hope you feel better soon! I was ill over Christmas too - total bummer.

  4. Your dogs are adorable! It's freaking freezing here in the Northeast. Good on you for going outside. I'm planning on hunkering down inside as long as I can.


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