December 29, 2017

Airing of Grievances (for the end of 2017)

+Pets that are outdoors in cold weather. Maybe you can tell me if I'm overreacting here. My parents have a neighbor who leaves a dog outside all the time. He's tied to a post and has a substantial amount of room to do what he wants. He has a dog house and straw and lots of food (probably water too) and seems very happy. He's a bigger dog with thick fur.
HOWEVER, it's been below zero most nights this week and he's still outside. The other day I took him some treats and his owner asked if I was babying her dog and I just answered with a curt It's cold outside and she said I know and then started talking about other things. I was so mad.
I wouldn't be able to live here based on the fact that I'd have to watch this dog be tied up in the elements all the time. It infuriates me.
And I'm clearly biased because my dogs share my pillow and I've been known to pick a position in bed so as not to disturb them...but I can't get past this.

+All the Bowl Games. I think they've taken everyone getting a trophy a bit too far. From what I can tell, every NCAA football team gets to go to a bowl game. Whether it's the Dollar General Bowl, the Quick Lane Bowl, or the Zaxby's Bowl...we've been watching snippets every night and I can't understand why everyone gets a bowl game. Penn State is in the "Playstation Fiesta Bowl" tomorrow. I feel that they should cut off the bowls at a certain season record...maybe 9-3 or something?
But we know this is about the advertisers. I hate to say it, Autozone, but you sponsoring a bowl game doesn't mean I'm going to start paying more attention to Autozone.

+Movie theater etiquette. We went to see The Last Jedi yesterday and the theater (at noon) was 1/8 of the way full and someone sat right in front of me. I cannot get past this or excuse it. Had it been even half full? Sure. But it was not.

+Cleanses are coming. With the arrival of January 2nd, all the cleanses will be posted on all the websites and all the Weight Watchers commercials will be in primetime with Oprah at the helm. I get "healthy" and I, too, have plans to maintain health and maybe eat more vegetables. But I wish we would stop acting like January 2nd is the only time we can make these kind of changes.

What's a grievance you'd like to get out in the open? 2017 is just about over so now's the time to get it all out.

I likely won't be back on the blog until after the new year (and we're back in Colorado), so have a happy and safe start to 2018!


  1. I agree with the dogs. If you can't stand to be outside, then your dog probably can't either. Same thing goes for the ones who put them in the truck bed, tied down, caged or not. Just no, especially in heat and on the highway

  2. Ohhhh man. That makes me so mad when people sit right next to me in a theater or even a restaurant when there's EVERY FREAKING OTHER SEAT OPEN. What is wrong with people.
    & did you just see where that dog does in Chicago frozen to death? I just can't

  3. I think the Gov passed a law on animals outside in extreme temps. People call on other people here all the time. Bring the damn animals inside!

  4. Here you have to choose your seat in the movie theater when you buy your ticket...I have definite preferences for choosing seats away from all the people.

  5. I feel like my big peeve is the dearth of constructive energy at the end of 2017. Other than we aren't a total 1-1 anywhere we go, but, people do know who has constructive energy and mannerisms. And, a close 2nd, in my Eastern Iowa, is buying out leases like the Early 1990s, which causes a butterfly effect, especially in Car Detail, which is never good. I don't want to sound too corporate in my tangent, but, it helps to buy to keep our friends, neighbors and family employed and the tender topic of the Natural Resource of Money or the lack of it civically moves or unmoves our homes.

  6. I wouldn't be able to live next door to that woman either. That's just cruel what she is doing.

    1. Ugh, yeah. It's like I just need to get back home, to where dogs can run free across the prairie.

  7. The pets outside thing BOTHERS ME SO MUCH! It's the same people I watch hustle from their driveways into their houses clearly cold and yet they leave their dang pets outside. I want to snatch them all up and bring them into my toasty warm house. My grievance would have to be anyone who uses social media to make vague points that are meant for only one person. Either be brave enough to have the conversation or keep that ish to yourself. No one needs that kind of negativity in their lives.

  8. I have never understand why people have a dog if they're just going to keep it outside. It makes NO SENSE. I also have issue with people who let their cats go outdoors and just wander. Aren't they afraid they'll get hit by a car, beat up by another animal, etc??? I'm more than mildly obsessed with my cats, so I can't relate to someone who is OK just letting their animal battle the elements.


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