November 21, 2017

Said around our house + Thanksgiving Food

I am far too lazy (is lazy the word?) to type up a separate Thanksgiving post this year because we're not cooking a big dinner with just the two of us...Scott has had class all week so going home, though we normally don't, wasn't in the cards. Plus, we weren't sure what state we'd be in for Thanksgiving (I think we'll be in Colorado). But here's some posts from years past!

And now, some conversations that have happened around here lately....

Scott ordered this cart that is meant to haul duck decoys from the truck to the body of water and back again. It's supposed to really lighten the workload aspect of duck and goose hunting. The person who patented it is some sort of creative genius because he named it the Honker Hauler.

Last year, the Honker Hauler showed up on the porch via UPS, in pieces. Scott went to assemble the cart weeks later and there were some connecting pieces (screws and such) missing. He thinks he lost them somewhere along the line.
So for the last year, I've made fun of the Honker Hauler that doesn't actually haul anything, but just sits next to our shed. Every tome Scott loads his bag of hundreds of duck decoys into the bed of the truck I say, "Wow, too bad you don't have a cart-like device to move those things around for you." He doesn't find this amusing.

The other day, Scott said the breaker in the circuit box tripped in Laramie at the house. I asked how and he said...I was in the garage welding the goose cart together...
Me: You mean the Honker Hauler?
Him: Yes.
Me: You were welding it together because there's no screws?
Him: Yes.
Me: So the breaker tripped...
Him: Yes..
Me: Another problem caused by the Honker Hauler.
Him: ...yes.
Me: Another goose season without the Honker Hauler is coming.

I really think that, at this point, he's sorry he bought the Honker Hauler. I noticed that he still has the welding equipment sitting out because he's still planning to put this thing together for this winter.

(Click on the link up there if you want more information about the Honker Hauler. I can't look at their logo without laughing.)


Me, trying to figure out what the letters are in the internet password at the house in Laramie:
Hey, what are these? Is that a "q"? I've tried this 3 times and it's not working.

Scott: They're all the letter a.

Those are NOT all the letter a


Yesterday, I had to ride a bus to get somewhere for the first time ever. Our house in Laramie is next to one of the university bus stops. I grew up in a town without buses. I had a car in college. I never lived downtown-anywhere. Scott apparently takes the bus every day because it's free and is about a mile ride and then he doesn't have to look for parking twice a day. It makes a lot of sense unless you're country folk like me.

Him, coaching me: You walk to the bus stop. There will probably be other people waiting too. You get on the bus. It only goes to one place. You get off the bus when it stops.
Me: How much does it cost?
Him: It's free.
Me: Oh hmmm... you want me to show you how to get to the bus stop? (note: you can see it from our house)
Me: No, I think I'll be okay.

20 minutes later:
Him: So are you going to do this? I'm leaving now.
Me: Yeah, okay.

I felt a lot like Sheila leaving her house on Shameless, just because I never go anywhere like this. I drive places. Period.


  1. I swear - the password thing sounds totally like my husband - so oblivious to the obvious.

  2. Hahahah Honker Hauler! I am laughing so hard right now.


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