November 24, 2017

Friday Gratefulness #4 (Post-Thanksgiving edition)

This is a mix and match version of some random things for this last Friday in November. I've really attempted to focus on the little things and what goes right instead of what goes wrong. It's a healthy practice, though it feels COMPLETELY unnatural, so I recommend giving it a try.

1. This cinnamon roll recipe. I made these last Christmas and decided that, instead of pie or cookies or something, I would make them yesterday. They are amazing. And SO easy. I put them together while I was waiting for the turkey to come out of the oven and watching Elf.

2. I liked that the weather in Wyoming this week was a bit like November is supposed to be. We returned to the tinderbox that is Colorado on Wednesday and that was a big fat disappointment because I had to pull out shorts again. There is nothing cozy about decorating for Christmas on Thanksgiving day while having the windows open and the fans running.

3. I'm more than grateful that I've had the whole week off. I got all my work done in one day sitting at the kitchen counter in Laramie and now I can clean and decorate for Christmas without school hanging over my head.

4.  I'm grateful that Scott is able to go hunting this weekend, because he needs time to hunt the way I need time to just sit and not talk to anyone. Also, the dogs desperately need to hunt so hopefully he gets them out after some ducks tomorrow.

5. We've made hard and fast decisions about how we're spending the month of December, what next year will look like, and how this will affect us both with school/career/etc. and it feels very good to just have a plan that will result in some sort of "settled". We'll never really be settled, as he still wistfully talks about Alaska and Missouri (mostly the hunting in Missouri) and we both miss the east coast and we have no idea where the army will send us after next year...but it feels "better" to know that we've whittled our options and made some decisions.

And since it's Thanksgiving week, I should end with this:

I don't actually know that I've meant this more than I mean it this particular year.

Tomorrow, I'll go Christmas shopping but there's no way I'm heading out there today. Plus, it's 70 degrees. Best to just stay home so I don't sweat to death. 

Are you shopping today?

What was the best thing you ate yesterday?


  1. If you train yourself where to focus, it doesn't feel unnatural at all!

  2. I did all of my shopping online last weekend-Monday. Much better than crowds! (And easier with a baby!)


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