September 14, 2017

Stuff and Things I found on my computer

Because I finally cleaned off my desktop this past weekend. It was bad.

Because it's funny and true.

I took these next three screenshots because I was appalled by the fact that these recipes have so many ingredients and so much mash-up happening and this is why I don't cook or bake for the internet anymore. I can't do this. It makes my head hurt. I'm sure it all tastes amazing but I don't want to spend two years getting from raw ingredients to eating what I made. I feel like this is what is expected out there because of Pinterest. But do people really want to eat complicated food on a regular basis? I like to experiment with flavors and ideas, but so many ingredients just means I'll never make it.

Amanda is 100% a mean girl. 

The dogs sleep while I get ready for school. 

So I did buy these sneakers and I think they'll be just fine. Since it was BOGO, I got these boots too. 

I'm undecided about whether to keep them though. Thoughts? I realized that someoneIdon'tlike has them and that makes me not want them. 

Tomorrow I'll have my weekly (final) BIP thoughts. It's been quite the "journey".


  1. I like the booties but I understand how someone you not enjoying having them could be a turn off. However they are really on trend right now so it's not like you are copying her.
    I agree about the twins on BIP-super rude!

  2. I can't do things with a million ingredients unless a lot of them are spices.

  3. Those boots are adorable!
    If a recipe has more than 6 ingredients - I'm out

  4. I am loving those boots!!! So cute!

  5. Pumpkin cheesecake skillet blondie? No.

    I say keep the booties and wear them better than she does.


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