September 15, 2017

5 Final BIP Things.

I don't actually know what I'm going to talk about on Fridays now that this show is over. I didn't mean to post about it every week lately, because it's kind of embarrassing that I watch and follow so closely. The big question is: what am I going to do with all of my free time?

1. Ben Zorn's relationship with his dog is a lot like my life. I don't understand why everyone thinks it's so weird. I'm not even being sarcastic here.

2. Oh poor Jack Stone.  I can't even with this...he was too good for any of those barely-employed chicks anyway.

3. Anyone who randomly punches Robby is okay in my book. Robby is the worst. Here's the latest from Reality Steve. If you listen to Rose Pricks, Ronnie Karam does the funniest impressions of Robby. Like, laugh til you cry kind of funny.

4. And this is exactly why Peter is the one everyone loves.

5. If you didn't need another reason to dislike Dean, he's a Broncos fan.

Um, and he drinks Bud Light. 

Thoughts on the couples? Derek and Taylor will probably do just fine. Adam will hang onto Raven until she puts her name in to be the Bachelorette next year. And that's all that we've got...Oh, and we can talk about the relationship between Lacey and her quest for validation/self-esteem. But we've probably all been there. Just not with Daniel, so that's a particular kind of low self-esteem problem that she had.

Until January!


  1. I always enjoy your recaps of these shows because I don't watch them.

  2. I loved Ben Z MORE because of his love for his dog :)
    Yep- Derek & Taylor seems real - I never realized how cute he was in his season.
    I feel the same way about Raven. & I have to admit - I dont get the craze people have with her.I think she's kinda ... do I say it... trashy comes to mind but I hate that word. I dont know - I deleted her on my IG a few months ago just because she just wasnt my kinda gal. & I dont think she's so amazingly gorgeous like all the guys seem to act. I think she's got a cute personality with her friends, but I dont know - I just dont have her as high on my Bachelor Family pedestal. & again, I never realized how cute Adam was either on his season - he really grew on me during Paradise.

  3. I don't like Taylor. She seems like she wears the pants and I wonder how long Derek is going to enjoy being bossed around and put in his place with her "intellectualism."

    Adam and Raven are cute, if not a little boring. Though sometimes boring is refreshing on that show.

    I have no words for Lacey/Daniel. He's a tool, she's dumb.

  4. Kristin,
    I hate to hawk more different kind of different pet peeves like a bullhorn like who should stay true, but, Dean to say Deanie in his digital brodom is not going to win any West or Mid Michigan tied Man or his Family throughout the world, even though they usually are friendly, but, that would be a territoral redline of nonnegotiablity even though we are global like we'd fly from Sioux City to Paris, but, mannerisms are nonnegotiable.

  5. If you haven't, you have to listen to Wells' podcast Your Favorite Thing...episode 5 had Danielle on it and they are, in my opinion, the only normal and sensible people to have ever been on this show haha plus Wells is just hilarious. They were the only reason I watched the finale thing, and they didn't even get to talk! It's so hard to decide who I dislike more: Dean, Robby, or Daniel...Daniel's just in a whole other level I guess, but what a bunch of tools


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