September 8, 2017 this show over yet?

I'm so sick of this show at this point but it's the only extracurricular I have right now. I'm in need of absolute mindless nothingness in my downtime and this fits the description. It's meaningless and mindless and takes up a surprising amount of time in order to properly follow this show (what with the tweet-reading, the podcast-listening, etc.)

The only person worse than Mike Fleiss is Nick Viall. The only person worse than (the newly single) Nick...would be Dean.
Also, everyone in the franchise would fit the description of "younger than Nick".

2.  Effing Dean.

3. Scott was sitting on the couch doing something on a computer while I was watching Monday night's episode. When Ben Z. said he was leaving because he has a dog at home, Scott looked up and got interested. He wanted to know why no one wanted Ben Z. Exactly. 

4. I love this.

5. I think if we need to give Dean any credit at all, it'll be because he didn't mix up any names.

As far as Arie being the next Bachelor, I know nothing about him. I knew he was on Emily's season. I didn't watch back then. When talking to my coworkers, they didn't know who he was at all because they almost literally weren't born back then. I was closer to 30 than 20 in 2012 and they were like 19.
I am glad they went with someone out of the current clique because the folks from the last couple of seasons are really in this for followers and exposure and that's kind of annoying.

They're all a little too thirsty. 



  1. Emily's season is one of the few seasons I didn't watch (since I started watching back when Jillian Harris was the bachelorette) because I lived in Italy at the time & there was no way I could watch with our slow Internet. It's interesting to see people coming out of the woodwork saying how much of a sleazeball he is, but who knows if any of what they're saying is true. While I wish it was Peter, I'm glad they went with someone not current.

  2. I still have yet to watch this show, I just can't.

  3. Arie is going to be interesting. He's old news being one of the reasons.

  4. I have to say the more I hear about Arie, I'm intrigued. I wasnt his fan on Emily's season but I like they did reach back & get someone from old school. Its like they said, he's not promotion tea or weight loss products or teeth whiting products. He only had something like 500 - FIVE HUNDRED - followers on IG - not like the fame wanting people of the last few seasons.

    Yeah - Dean sort of showed his age in this, didn't he?

    I still like Ben Z. I'm a dog girl so I would talk for hours about my dog too, I'm sure :)

  5. I have/had no idea who Arie is, either. I'm glad it's not someone in the current clique, like you said, so it'll be interesting.

    Dean. Effing Dean.

    The problem with Ben Z is not everyone is a dog person. I'm sure it's just how he's being edited, but if I was dating someone who was more obsessed with their dog than they were with me, I'd be saying sayonara, too.

  6. I like Arie on Emily's season, but the stuff I've read about him makes me not all that interested in watching him. I feel like it's going to be Brad Womack or Juan Pablo all over again. But maybe I will watch just for the ultimate trainwreck. Who knows.

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  8. I started watching this week's episode and then I felt dirty. Plus, I don't even know what thirsty means...I mean I do know what it actually means, but clearly that is not the definition that gal is going with. My second clue I'm not the demographic for this :)

  9. I haven't watched The Bachelor in several seasons but I did watch Emily's season and remember Arie. Even though I don't watch I totally follow along on twitter and social media because I love the drama lol!


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