September 7, 2017

Not gonna lie

I have two pairs of these best-shoes-ever from Target and I'm contemplating a third. My friend is currently disliking her new Tieks and that means long-live Target and their $16 shoes.

I'll own that rubber boot tanline. It's from manual labor in old boots, not hanging out in Hunters or something fun like that.

I spent an hour yesterday grading papers in the Big O Tire waiting room because three (3) of my tires were low on air and the tire light was on. I would say that I could've just fixed the air issue, because I thought it was a nail or screw or something in a tire, but let's face it: I definitely couldn't have fixed the air issue myself.

I tried to shut the truck door and hit my knee. It was terrible. My knee, I'm predicting, is terribly swollen this morning.

I definitely thought about eating this whole pizza last night (Scentsy for scale).

I have taken more Mucinex in the last 2 1/2 weeks than one probably should. I cannot kick this thing.

I get a lot of joy out of buying new soap for each season.



  1. Did you make that pizza or buy? it looks awesome.

  2. Hope that knee is ok.
    I laughed at the tan line. I have some weird ones from running.
    I could EASILY down that pizza

  3. If you have cartwheel they gave one more perk, use it on the shoes. I need to use mine before I forget...

    ...and thoughts on the next bachelor being arie? Interesting choice I think... especially since he kinda fell off the planet after the season he was on

  4. Oh how I love those hand soaps!! I am obsessed and just place a pretty large order.

  5. Autumn spice and clementine sounds lovely. I wonder if it's a candle, too? Will they keep making those shoes with all of the Target line switches? I was in the other day and felt like the clothes were a little Forever 21-ish - just way trendy. I think I'm getting old... But I like those shoes!


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