September 1, 2017

Five BIP Things.

1. Jasmine is the worst. She's definitely scary because she's a bully. She totally got what she deserved with Matt leaving but I legitimately think there's more to his story because he was just up and gone with little to no explanation. She got her rose and all, but seriously...

2. How did Adam become so popular? He's so blah. I guess good for Raven. He's an improvement from that Nick bullet that she dodged.

3. Go away, Dean.

4. Tickle Monster and Jack Stone are growing on me. Robby too. He was such a good friend to Kristina. Alexis lost some appeal with the bullying.

5. I like Wells the best (aside from when he teamed up to bully Christen). I feel like they are trying to edit him in a way that could allow him to be the next Bachelor. Apparently, Peter turned it down, initially,  but they'd be really dumb not to keep their options open.

Scott and I had our first date 9 years ago today. We did not meet on Bachelor in Paradise, and seem to be doing just fine.

8.5 years ago

Happy September!


  1. I'm rooting for Wells & Danielle to be together. Dean can just go bye bye and take Jasmine with him!

  2. I agree with all of this. Though, Tickle Monster really needs a different schtick. It's not attractive, and he seems like a genuinely decent person otherwise. Also, I hate being, HAAAAATE it so if I were one of those girls and he tried to tickle me, he'd probably get punched. Involuntarily.

  3. I think the guys are all so creapy. Jasmine is crazy. Daniel would make a funny Bachelor. He's funny & so honest, the girls would all be crying. It would make for good tv. Wells would be a good Bachelor too.


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