September 5, 2017

5 Long Weekend Things

1. I went to Old Navy in hopes of finding a cheap dress to add to my collection of work clothes. I need summer clothes to get me to November because I thought I lived in Colorado, but it's more Texas-like than I had ever thought it would be. Every year is the same struggle.

Why does Old Navy always insist on selling the most unflattering clothes out there? I should've taken a picture of this on, but the flowered one was a SACK. It's literally a sack. And the black and white dress is the texture of Barbie clothes and goes on just as gracefully. Awfulness.

2.  I ate a lot of candy while Scott took the dogs dove hunting. I offered to go and he said he didn't want to listen to anyone complain and I pretended not to know what he was talking about. I watched the Penn State game.

3. This is the literal story of my life when it comes to hunting. Scout finds something, anything, to swim in and then rolls around in the dirt.

4. I did order these sneakers online though. I had to take back the black/gold ones (tear) because they were perfect in every way but, as I walked around the house in them, I noticed that they pinched the top of my feet.

5. We painted the shed, cut grass, cleaned the basement, and generally did a lot of labor on this Labor Day weekend. We ended Monday by having a bunch of thorns pulled out of our paws. Not pleasant.

I think my #goals for #fall should be making my weekends more exciting and, as soon as fall weather actually arrives (i.e. not 90 degrees), I'll work on that.

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  1. I thought about venturing to old Navy for the same reason, and the email saying $10 dresses, but didn't go and now that I saw what you wrote above, probably a good thing!

  2. Why are those sack dresses so in style?! I don't understand. I don't want to look like I'm wearing a potato sack. I'd like a bit of flow or fit to my dress. Needless to say, I too am on a dress search because.... Colorado. Haha. Good luck finding some decent priced ones. (Almost typed "prized ones" haha <-- not awake yet)

  3. Try Loft for dresses - they start running a lot of sales between now and December, usually for additional 50%-60% off clearance(which still has summer dresses) and you can get dresses originally priced at like $90 for $30 or less.
    Same goes for like, Banana Republic Factory store online and JCrew Factory. That's how I always got all my work dresses for a not insane cost haha.

  4. I actually love Old Navy dresses & they are about 90% of my wardrobe... but again, I do like sack like clothing that covers my 'fluffy' shape ;) haha

  5. I have the same fall goals. My husband & I cannot handle the heat so we don't do much during the summer here in Phoenix. I seriously have cabin fever right now. It won't cool down to the 90's until October & 80's until November so we still have a way to go.

    Old Navy is so hit or miss for me every time I go!

  6. We went to the Old Navy outlet this weekend and I was actually impressed with some of the things I found and liked.

  7. Old Navy is always hit or miss. It's really hard to find structured dresses there. The dresses they have make you look 10+ pounds heavier than you really are. I have a little guy named Scout too! Your guy is so cute!

  8. I've mostly given up on Old Navy clothes... H&M is turning into my jam now.

  9. I am usually pretty lucky with clothes from Old Navy, but you are SO RIGHT about the dresses. I just ordered some tanks & long sleeve tees for layering pieces. I had Suoer Cash to spend and considered a dress, but the pictures on the models showed that they were in no way flattering. Apparently, that's the style that's "in@ this fall. :-p


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