August 3, 2017

Stuff and Things 8/3

I definitely reserve the right to throw these posts in whenever I feel like it.

+My sister-in-law had posted this picture of Jett on FB long ago and I recently came across it.

+We recently decided that Jett is probably allergic to peanut butter and so that makes me feel terrible. I've been feeding him peanut butter for years. Or maybe the hacking and coughing is a horrible coincidence. Either way, no more peanut butter. A lot of dogs are actually allergic to it. 

+I'm scouting out (ha ha) new boarding locations for the dogs. I have two prospects and I just need to go check them out. I feel awful that I put so much effort into this before but now we just can't take them back to the place they stayed at while we were in San Diego. I mean, they BOTH got respiratory infections. It cost us $400 at the emergency vet and many sleepless nights, listening to dogs cough. I was nearly ready to take Scout in to see the regular vet too, last week. He started to improve and Jett didn't get any worse so I decided not to. They were both taking cough medicine for a few days there and, seriously, that's not okay. I can't say it wouldn't have happened elsewhere but I also can't recommend the place we took them to either now. 

Moving on..

+I have this thing for Chris Hardwick. Anyone else? I think he's hilarious and fun to watch, as a comedian and as a host. 

+The weather this week is not ideal.

+Scout is angry because I make him sit in the basement when he's wet (shoddy drywall done by previous owner...Scott is going to redo it completely).

+My coworker posted this on Facebook. I *think* she's referring to me because my room is "done-er" than hers, and she was literally unloading her car the other day, but it's NOT Pinterest-y. 

+It's funny how after so many years at this military thing, you just know things.

On a somber note, my friend Kim had to put her 12 year old dog, Roxy, to sleep on Monday. It's terribly sad and she's a mess over it. If you have any advice or prayers to spare, send them please :/ 

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  1. That photo of Jett is adorable!!!!

  2. I have such an obsession with Chris Hardwick. He is all things funny & adorable. I love how he loves his wife... do you listen to his podcast?

    My dog is allergic to PB too &I used to put PB in a bone every morning & give to him. Mom fail.

  3. I love Chris Hardwick. I didn't even know who he was until Sean and I started watching "The Wall." He's the host and he's adorable. Since then, Sean has shown me a few episodes of "After Midnight." I could stand more Hardwick in my life.

  4. Geege has been coughing since his dental surgery. I need to try to clear that up.

  5. I've found that the teachers who pinterest are usually the newbies and then its all laminated as well

  6. Talking is SO well done. I was telling Andrew the other day that Chris Hardwick is such a good interviewer. He's a fan without being over the top, he makes everyone feel good, and he asks interesting and thoughtful questions. He's what Jimmy Fallon could be if he didn't focus on games. Love the Jett pic!


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