August 4, 2017

5 Things I Did This Week.

1. Finished this book about teaching and I cannot recommend it enough. Unshakeable by Angela Watson.

2. Watched Scott get the trailer unstuck. It had been sitting in the garden since May.

3.  Three classes at the gym. Cardio Tone on Monday, TRX on Wednesday, Kettlebell on Thursday.

4. Ate way too much junk food. The problem with doing intense workouts is that I'm always hungry and I make terrible choices when I get too hungry. I need to get back into my usual routine. I'm working on actually developing a new workout routine (one in which I actually get into a routine again), but it'll depend on Scott's schedule this fall. I don't want to spend all my waking hours out of the house.

5. Watched one giant storm demolish the prairie.

Obviously this was right over our house. Because why not?

This was a really long week, right?


  1. Getting back into a routine sounds good! I never want to leave my house.

  2. I feel the same way when it comes to intense workouts and eating! I want all the food.

  3. i crave routine and always feel off when i get out of it.

  4. that storm is terrifying.
    i love getting back into a routine after being off one for so long. and i'm with you, i eat horrible food when i get super hungry. though lately i have 0 sweet tooth which is very not like me at all. still eating bad food, just not sweets lol


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