July 7, 2017

5 Friday Photos.

I grabbed 5 pictures from my phone and these are from the last two days. 

I'm handing in my basic card early again this year. Let's go to fall and, actually, skipping straight to winter is okay with me. 90s every day is getting old. 

We're heading back to doggy daycare today. Hopefully it's as successful the second time around.

I can't stop with the Bachelor franchise podcasts.

Change of command was yesterday. More on that next week. 

Talk about convenient: I was in the field with the dogs last night when I saw a rattlesnake. Since I had my phone (because I was listening to a podcast, obviously), I called Scott and he came out on the four-wheeler to shoot the snake. Much easier than all that nonsense I had to deal with last summer. 
(is it time to move yet?)


  1. nooooooooo - I dont do snakes. I would have just passed out. No time to make a phone call ;)
    Are you listening to Kaitlyn Briscowe's podcast?

  2. Eek for the snake!
    I name you the queen of podcasts! Haha. I'm stuck on two and haven't branched off yet :) I think I might be basic :)

  3. I haven't listened to Olivia's podcast, but I am obsessed with Kaitlyn Bristowe. I've loved her since she was on Chris Soules season. I hope doggy daycare goes well! Our Lab goes once a week especially in the summer to get some energy out since it's a billion degrees here in Phoenix 24 hours a day. He LOVES it there & starts freaking out in the car as soon as we pull onto the street it's on. :)

  4. Oh no to that snake haha! Yay for Change of Command, it really is such a relief when that is over.

  5. Yikes!!! Im not afraid of snakes so much as creeped out by them but still. ugh. Glad hubby was there to save the day :)

  6. How do you not walk around in the field with a gun on you at all times? I'd have to...

    What on earth does Olivia talk about on her podcast?? Juicy Bachelor info I hope...

  7. I like how you stayed calm and just called Scott - I would have been freaking out and ran!

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