June 26, 2017

It feels like Alaska this weekend.


Jett and Scout caught a jackrabbit on Saturday. Scott spent the afternoon trying to fix up the rabbit.The little guy escaped the make-shift recovery pen we made so he seems to be okay. We saw him hopping around the field on Sunday. 
Jett was reprimanded because he was the violent one (his hatred for rabbits is unmatched), but I imagine him being like "They taunt me! This was my chance!" and I picture the rabbits in yard saying "Jett-Jett, you can't get us" in a voice only he can hear and he finally snapped. That's just a theory though.

Other than that...

We went to an army farewell downtown on Friday night.

Breakfast Saturday. The only way I'll eat kale.

Watching Scott check on the rabbit. They weren't happy but they also proved that they can't be trusted, so...

Friday was like an Alaskan summer day. I was going to post this on Instagram with the caption of "if anything can make me miss Alaska, it's Colorado" but I'm friends with way too many native Coloradans on that platform. No need to offend everyone I know. 
But the storms, the heat, the hail, the bugs, the snakes, the cost of living for no discernible reason I can come up with...sometimes I miss Alaska. 

Sunday was a little warmer. 

Other than that, we're working on putting the basement bathroom together with homemade shiplap and I kind of wish we could do the whole house that way. 

It's Monday...but it's summer! So...

Scott was watching The Revenant on Saturday. I cannot deal with that movie...it's too depressing. 

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  1. Way to go on your DIY of the bathroom in the basement - I'm sure it's going to look amazing! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Shiplap - I dont see that & not think of Joanna Gaines.
    Your app "warm pile of crap" made me laugh

  3. I feel your pain on not loving your current place. I find some redeeming quality and then, boom, something crap happens. Back to square one. Currently counting down to my departure :) Poor doggies probably thought they were doing you all a favor getting rid of that rabbit :) I imagine the rabbits taunt them too!

  4. Love the homemade shiplap.

    LOLOL @ Jett-Jett bunny taunting

  5. I loved our colder weather this weekend, it was perfect!!

  6. we've had such active weather lately here as well...it's been chilly and rainy with lots of thunder and hail. where is the summer weather?

  7. We had a cooler day today and it was so nice!!!

  8. Your bathroom is going to look so good! And haha about the dogs and good for you guys for trying to repair the poor jackrabbit. Also, I thought your kale drink was a cocktail with dinner for a sec and I was like hmmm, haven't seen that combo before...

  9. RIGHT there with you on missing AK!
    And only Colorado can make you miss it so much. They're weirdly similar (but AK was better-that's what you should include in your IG photo haha. Talk about offending some Coloradoians) No, we love it here but really it makes us miss Alaska a lot.

  10. thanks



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