June 23, 2017

5 Things I Did This Week

+Volunteered on base. The sunburn and cactus were plentiful because we've been set up in the middle of a field. Then the clouds opened up Thursday and we got soaked. It reminded me of the kind of soaking you'd get when it'd rain in the middle of a soccer game. There was no shelter to be found. But this means I get to see Scott during the day so I'll take it.

+Went to Target and bought a dress for something that's coming up. I saw it online and, since I quite literally have nothing else to do with my time, went into town and got the last one in my size. $28.

+I've been binge-listening to the Go Bayside podcast. If you need something to listen to as a way to pass time, go for it. Just search for it under your Podcast app.

+Played around with the WTForecast app. It's highly entertaining.

+Did a lot of Pilates. Contemplated going to the gym on base for some fitness classes next week. I need a hobby for the next several weeks.

It's going to be in the 60s this weekend and I'm so excited. I need to regroup with some refreshingly cool air.

(Speaking of Bayside...)


  1. I love that dress and for the price you can't beat it!

  2. Target has really had the cutest clothes lately.
    I love that color green!!!

  3. it's been raining like crazy here as well! i'm over it :(

  4. My friend had an engagement party and one of the bridesmaids planned to wear jeans. The bride told her that wasn't allowed so the bridesmaid stopped at Target for that dress, which is way cute, but since hearing that, I have seen it everywhere. Just one of those things I probably never would have noticed except for that pointless story I just shared...

    I may have just convinced myself to sign up for bootcamp around the corner from my house... it's only $20/month but it's at 5 a.m., yuck.

  5. Is the Go Bayside about Saved By the Bell? Because that sounds awesome.

  6. I think I need to download that app. Also, perspectives are so funny. You're excited about 60 because it'll be a nice break from the heat. I get excited when the forecast says 60 because it's going to be "so warm out!"

  7. Sometime we need to have a plan for our life. We have to mind our lives and take care of it.

  8. I always love a good new podcast so I'm going to check that one out right now!

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