June 12, 2017

Currently 6/12

Watching...Z: The Beginning of Everything on Amazon. I read the book Z a few years ago and really liked it. This is just the screen version, so far as I can tell. However, I will say that Christina Ricci is too old to play a 17 year old. I get that they were trying to span Zelda's whole adult life and Christina Ricci does not look old by any means..she looks great for 37!...but she looks not 17 at all. 

Reading...I've finished a lot of books lately, but since that is in June, I won't write about them til July...I work by the calendar month. But I am always looking to start something new. I have these on hold at the library. Show Us Your Books is tomorrow and I'll recap what I read in May. It's much better than April was. 

Listening...I started The Dry by Jane Harper on Audible. 


Attempting...to try out some dog-boarding places this week. We're going to meet-and-greets to "see" if it's a "good fit". I feel like I'm shopping for preschools. 

Laughing at....

This has been popping up on Facebook a lot. I don't like kale at all. 

Focusing on...accomplishing a couple of things on the to-do list. Yesterday was painting some cabinet doors that Scott built in...wait for it...December. 

Feeling...hot. It's going to be 95 degrees for the foreseeable future. Summer has arrived. See you in October, 75*.

Eating...Modern Market with a friend on Friday. It was a bit of a a drive but it was nice to try something different. I didn't love the salad I had so if I went back, I'd get something else. I've been to Panera way too many times lately, so getting out of this side of town was good for me.

Drinking...I made iced tea. I've been trying to get it to taste like the kind my parents make for the last 7 summers. Maybe summer #8 will be the winner. 

And that's the second week in June. 


  1. i LOVED bear town!!! can't wait to read what you think about it ...when you eventually get it .... #20 on 4 copies?! that's like my library :(

  2. I love iced tea. Like, obsessively love it.

  3. I hope the dog boarding place works out! That's always so so stressful.

  4. What is the deal with not being able to make tea like mom? I cant either.

  5. I'm starting The Dry by Jane Harper. I'm 2 pages in. I only hear good things though.

  6. I just finished The Roanoke Girls. Good, but holy fuck. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. I've got the Chevy Stevens one in my to be read pile from the library.

  7. We drink iced tea a lot but I think it turns out differently every single time. I think the classic iced tea is Lipton but we'll just use whatever is in the cupboard at the moment which probably adds to the variety of results...

  8. Let me know if you come up with a good strategy with iced tea. We've attempted sun tea a few times already but it doesn't taste as good as I remember from my childhood.

  9. I don't like Christina Ricci for some reason (though I loved Casper and Now & Then), so I think that's keeping me from watching Z. I literally laughed out loud at that kale meme-- I'm not a fan of it either!


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