June 9, 2017

5 Bachelorette things.

1. Rachel, say "my girls" one more time. Seriously. They're acquaintances of yours who are auditioning for Bachelor in Paradise. Because they are all on BIP. 

2. Jonathon's occupation is NOT really a ticklemonster.  He's a doctor.

3. Oh, Freddy. Stop being weird. This is why Rachel will always see Freddy as a 3rd grader.

4.  Raven is better than this. And better than that white leotard.

5. Eric's grandstanding would be more effective if he used the proper forms of nouns and verbs. As an educator, I just see how grammar has failed him.

Are you watching?


  1. I was so confused about Raven's outfit... its like HOLD UP GIRL - YOU AINT HERE FOR A MAN!!!!
    I cringed when he asked Rachel if he could kiss her... & then poor guy, how different their reactions were.

  2. I wonder if ABC really looks foolish for casting an 0 and 31's Worth of Future Son In Laws that won't happen?

  3. I am watching episode 3 right now and I just got emails saying that there may not be a BIP anymore!

  4. I was annoyed that Corinne showed up to give Rachel advice. Even if she's not as bad as she was made out to be, Rachel deserves better than to suffer through listening to Corinne talk about her platimun body!


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