May 31, 2017

Scout is 4

Scout turned 4 on May 24th. I can't even put into words how much we love him. 

I'm much more likely to celebrate his Gotch-ya Day, which is July 7th, but I figured we might as well play this up too. 

So surly.

I've been drinking these protein shots lately because I've needed to increase my intake of protein. Scout was interested in this one. No, friend, you don't want that. It's disgusting.

(And while we're celebrating things....our EIGHT YEAR ANNIVERSARY was last Friday, May 26th. This is the 3rd year in a row Scott has been deployed for our anniversary so this pattern of events might be why I never post prose about anniversaries...To us, they're just days. 
Making it 8 years in this military life is the real celebration :)


  1. Happy Happy Birthday, Scout!!! :)

  2. Happy anniversary to you humans and happy birthday to Scout!

  3. Happy Birthday sweet baby.
    My Harvey turns 4 in 2 months & I cant believe it!!!

  4. Happy birthday, Scout! Barkley's was on the 12th and we haven't celebrated it yet, mostly because I can't get my shit together.

  5. Happy Birthday to your pup and Happy Anniversary to you!


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