May 18, 2017

S&T 5/18

Somehow it's only Thursday (morning). It's been a tumultuous week.

This came up as the verse-of-the-day on Monday and I had to laugh:

And I did actually laugh out loud.

Like if I made a list of silver linings and happy things, it'd exist but it'd be short-ish. So I'm also not going to complain today. I'll just leave it because pity makes me feel bad too.

I'll just wish you an easy end to the week and you can do the same for me.


  1. I think it's a cruel irony to have that verse as the verse of the day on a Monday! I feel like God used his sense of humor to prompt someone to choose that one. :)

  2. I drew that verse on my coffee cup today... but Thursday is always a better day the Lord has made than Monday ;)

  3. I hope you are having a good day!

  4. I end today with 2nd grade who have been a headache then the next 4 days of the year with 1st so I hope they are better ;)

    However I wish you a great day!

  5. I'm really glad it's almost the weekend. It has been a long week.


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