May 12, 2017

Love, Like, Hate

Love. There are like 8 days left of school. I'm cleaning things up, packing things away, and purging what's no longer needed. The end of the year is so refreshing and uncluttered.

Love. Creating a rough to-do list for the things I *get* to do this summer. Just having the time to breathe and accomplish is nice, right?

Like. I *liked* this book, Into the Water. Didn't love it because I thought there were way too many points of view, but it was a well-constructed plot and different than I thought it would be.

Like. I got a new laptop at work. My hard drive on the old one up and died. My laptop just wouldn't work on Monday. Tech came right away and were like "sorry".  I didn't have a lot on it because I trust Google Docs and my at-home laptop with my important things but it's really hard to teach "interactively" without a laptop. That was the major inconvenience. I had a new one the next day and I'll start over fresh, I suppose. Sometimes you need things to just go away in order to make a fresh start. I would highly suggest backing things up though because I definitely did not.

Hate. Fidget spinners. May they die a slow death. THEY ARE LOUD. Kids spin them on desks and take out the ball-bearings and drop them on the floor and trade them back and forth. They are a bad idea. Period. They cause more harm than good. They are not a way to help kids concentrate; they're just a way to further distract from learning.

Hate. Scott is leaving again for a type of deployment. Hopefully it's not for long but it's quite possibly the most inconvenient thing/time ever and I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it. As in, I wake up every day and lament my luck. This is really the reason for my malaise-like behavior and general disgruntledness lately.

But. It's Friday, so there's that. 

I've been watching New Girl reruns lately just because those first few seasons make me happy. 


  1. No just no to the deployment thing. He just got home!

  2. I can only imagine how fidget spinners are a teachers loathing!!!

    Dang it... sorry about the deployment. That's gotta be so hard.

  3. YES for school almost being done!

    I just read that article on fidget spinners. I've never heard of them, but right off the bat I agree with you - how is anything that is loud and bright a help vs. a distraction?

  4. My best friend is a guidance counselor raging over spinners. LOL

    Sorry for the inconvenient deployment.

  5. I'm with you about the spinners - my kids bring them to lessons all the time after they're SO EXCITED to get them back after the teachers took them away. I take them, too, and give them to the parents at the end of class haha. Good luck with your last few days! I hope you're able to do lots of fun things over the summer.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  6. I'm so sorry to hear your husband is leaving again. I hope it's not for too long! I'd image the fidget gadgets can be more annoying than anything. Stress balls might work better because they are quiet, but they could still get thrown around. haha


  7. Ugh. Fidget Spinners! Whoever had that idea is a horrible person. They're not even being marketed to the kids they're "supposed" to be for. I 100% agree that they are just one more thing distracting kids from learning.

    I'm just glad I'm on maternity leave now because I got out before TOO many students had them. :-p

    Also, BOO to this sort of deployment thing. :(

  8. We got back to the US last week and have seen "fidget spinners" for sale everywhere! Never heard of this before, but yeah, I hope it doesn't make its way over to Malaysia!


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