May 8, 2017


I don't even remember Friday. Is that bad? 
I know Scott got home late. I know I didn't sleep well. 
Saturday morning, I had an appointment and then Scott had to go to work. I sat at his office for a bit. Went to the grocery store. Tried to take a nap. Worked outside for a bit.

Sunday was more of the same. I got the urge to wash the curtains, so that's what I did. The guestroom feels much more ready for guests now. I also cleaned the bathrooms because avoiding schoolwork means I'll get a lot of other things done. 
Some friends brought dinner over, which was nice, and we ended the night by watching The Leftovers but I can barely abide by the weirdness of that show. Has anyone read the book? Also, I hate Nora and that hair is the worst I've ever seen. 

Watching weather. 

Started listening and this was what I did to pass the time during my cleaning spree...

Bought strawberries for the first time this season and they did not disappoint. This is the best part about summer. 

And motivation of sorts...

"Happy" Monday. I have tomorrow off so today is more than doable... :)

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  1. I just got a great batch of strawberries this weekend & so excited they are red & juicy again!

  2. That was really nice of your friends to bring over dinner. Those are my kind of people.

  3. I'm dying to buy a watermelon for the first time this year but they are so pricey I can't justify it. Strawberries are up there too but a lot cheaper

  4. I love watching storms come in. The skies are so fierce and bidding! North Carolina has no shortage of storms too. I do like that. How did you like Into The Water? I almost bought it but then decided against. I need to know what people thing before committing :)


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