May 5, 2017

Disgruntled gifs.

1. Scott has been working until 9-10pm every night. It's not going to get better any time soon.

I'm semi-hating everything these days but I don't have as much of a reason to as Scott does.

He's been watching t.v. and falling asleep on the couch and he said that Scout woke him up the other night, very angrily, because he didn't have any water in his dish. Scout has been known to do this. I swear I fill that jug up every day.

2. The dogs bounce and pounce out of bed to greet Scott when he comes home, but then come back to the bed to sleep with me immediately because there's no way they'll downgrade themselves from a king-sized bed to a couch. They also don't like to be awoken in the middle of a sleep.

3. This article on positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement only works if there are consequences. You need to know what TO do in order to be reinforced. That parent's "question" makes me want to throw up.

4. And then this one...comparing teachers to doctors...if a student performs poorly it's the teacher's fault. Just like if a patient dies, it's the doctor's fault, right?

5. And, in more disgruntled teacher news, my former college professor is a Dean of Education now and he runs a podcast called Busted Pencils. He gives the honest answers and truths about education. He did that at Penn State and it's truly part of the reason why I believe things I do about education. I STILL use the model for teaching Social Studies that he taught us. That doctorate in Social Studies Education that he has is pretty much my dream degree.

Anyway. It's Friday. Good thoughts appreciated as we trek through the next few weeks of constant work and such. 


  1. Sending lots of good thoughts your way!

  2. Bahaha, that parent's question on positive reinforcement...WHAT? Besides, it could be argued that the positive reinforcement for not talking during silent reading is that you get to go to recess. He talked...therefore, no recess.

  3. That parent's question... umm. When my five year old gets in trouble for talking, I tell her she needs to follow the rules, I don't tell the teacher how to do her job.

  4. that article on positive reinforcement - what a great read and 100% believe in that. i don't use this with Kayla; instead, I teach her how to make good choices and that a bad choice means having to deal with the consequence.

    this is akin to paying kids to get good grades or do house chores - nope, not gonna happen..I straight up told Kayla that she is expected to do well in school and expected to pitch in when it comes to chores because that's what responsible people do.

  5. People say some of the most outrageous (aka dumb stuff). Loves the gifs! hope you had a great weekend!


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