March 30, 2017

S&T in days.

Monday, we went out for sushi. And then I picked up prescriptions (one for me, one for the dogs). Then we watched The Force Awakens and I really enjoyed it. If you'd like to talk Star Wars, I am now well-versed, so leave a comment.

Tuesday, I made oatmeal cookies for my dad's birthday and then I made caramelized French onion soup. Also, I cleaned the oven.  And watched about 5 more episodes of The Great British Baking Show. 

Wednesday, helped Scott work on the shed outside. Watched t.v. for a bit. Cleaned up the house a bit. Made donuts. Made pizza. Finished a book.

Scout, proudly sitting in the hole he dug, next to the new extension on the shed. (This thing will be bigger than our house when it's done.)

Thursday...we plan on hiking this morning and I'll maybe get to the stack of schoolwork awaiting me. (I hid it in the closet so as to put it out of my mind.)

Tomorrow, I have a massage and a bit of shopping/things to pick up. Maybe I'll get the grocery run out of the way too.

Questions I have for you: 
Which charcoal soap bar would you recommend? I'm leaning toward the Beauty Counter one but would almost like to try one that's not $24. 

Is there any way to keep chickpeas from exploding when you roast them? (see above-mentioned oven-cleaning)

Stuff, Things, etc.


  1. It sounds like your spring break is a nice mix of work, laziness, and fun. I miss spring break (I had two days of it at my last job which was better than nothing!). I know nothing of charcoal soap but I've never had chickpeas explode? But, mine are never very crispy on the outside. So I guess the answer is to do it wrong and don't roast completely, but that isn't a great solution.

  2. go to your local health store and get a charcoal bar there! they're about $8 :)

  3. The beauty counter charcoal bar is worth EVERY DAMN PENNY of that $24. I have a friend who is a consultant and swore I needed to try it, so she gave me a little sample. 1) the bar will last you forever and ever and 2) I've never ever seen my skin react to a product the way it has to this bar. Honest to goodness it's amazing.

  4. Agree with Joey - the Beauty Counter bar is worth it. It's the only one I've used that hasn't dried out my face. I've tried a few from natural food stores as well as Yes to Tomatoes and Biore. No dice.

  5. The only charcoal bar I've ever tried was the one from Lush, and I really liked it. It was definitely cheaper than $24, too. It's been a few years, though, so I don't remember how it smells or anything, I just remember my face reacted well to it. But I also don't have very sensitive skin, so it just depends on your face.

    How did those donuts turn out?

  6. I don't even know what charcoal soap does so I have no recommendations for you.

    Enjoy your massage!

  7. I am obsessed with The Great British Baking Show!! It's so fun.

  8. i have never tried a charcoal bar, the only one i've heard of is the beauty counter one. as for chickpeas... i've never had them explode? that's so weird, and kinda scary haha.

  9. The Beautycounter charcoal bar is amaaaazing (and I'm not just saying that because I'm a consultant!) But seriously, I've had mine since the summer and use it daily and it's still going strong. I only use it on my face in the mornings, but I feel like it really helps. I have acne prone skin and it's been helping keep it under control.


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