March 16, 2017

S&T 3/something

+I couldn't quite remember the date when I went to type this title, so I'll just leave it like that. Doesn't all of March blend together anyway?

+Scott saw the gold bag I posted last Thursday and said it was hideous.

+This is how I feel this week:

+I've been unnaturally terrible at responding to comments this week. Life, right?
I hope to get on my game soon...I have a ton of SUYB links to check out! In case you missed it, here's what I read in February. 

Stuff, Things, etc.


  1. Poor Jett!! And I totally understand his feelings!

  2. lol life, right? yes. that's how i feel as well. march does feel like it's blending in lately. i think because we had such lovely weather and now we have snow. stop. spring hurry. lol.

  3. Tell Scott he doesn't have to carry the bag.

    You and me both, Jett. You and me both.

  4. The bag is for you, not Scott. haha!
    I have those weeks like you and Jett are having. We all do. Yes, life indeed happens.

  5. I try to be good about responding to comments but some days are better than others.


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