March 27, 2017

Front end of spring break.

The Friday of spring break began with a blizzard, hurricane force winds, and a power outage. The moisture and cold was welcomed (I might be the only one who thought this) and the power outage was just an inconvenient side effect.

The dogs and I played a fun game of walk-around-and-pick-things-up after I got home from work.

Barrier blew down.

Ready for darkness. 

Since I didn't know if the power would be on, I picked up Panda Express and then my fortune cookie didn't have a fortune in it. Unfortunate, right?

Saturday, Scott went up north to do some exploring and run some errands.  I did laundry and ran my own errands. Or rather, I wanted to run some errands but I ended up just taking a nap and watching the season (so far) of Time After Time. I ordered what I needed on Amazon. Problem solved.

I thought I'd be reveling in just the idea of spring break but it just felt lacking. The stress of the last several weeks (months?) just added up and I did absolutely nothing with my first day off but I didn't even really enjoy it because I felt exhausted.

I finished Behind Her Eyes and I'm making my way through Red Rising though. Thoughts to follow in the next Show Us Your Books.

Fell asleep on clean bedding while watching The Great British Baking Show (now I'm really in the mood to bake).

Didn't do a whole lot.
However, things can rarely be as easy as we wish and the power went out again Sunday evening. Scott built a fire and hooked up the generator and we watched Return of the Jedi (I'd never made it through the second half) and now I'm all ready to watch The Force Awakens and my self-imposed Star Wars challenge will be complete.

Today is pouring cement. I'd rather do that if it means I'm on spring break.

Obligatory dog collage:

They found a bird under this old platform but couldn't get to it. 


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  1. I love seeing photos of your property, it really seems amazing!

  2. aw the dogs both looking at the bird. the only time i get a photo of my cats all looking in one direction is either when they look at an animal or a red dot. lol.
    mm panda express. bummer about the fortune cookie. how rude. red rising! curious to know your thoughts :)


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