February 10, 2017

3 Friday Favorites

Rose Pricks. If you watch The Bachelor, this is an entertaining podcast. It's a different perspective than Here to Make Friends and I love listening to them both and comparing what they have to say (I'm a pretty simple person, really).

(I know I've posted this on Instagram, but can't remember if I mentioned it here.)

Vet Ranch. Scott introduced me to this Youtube channel the other night. These two vets work by donation only, and they go into shelters, picking up sick/injured animals who are often about to be euthanized. THEY MAKE THEM BETTER and they adopt them out. They also take in injured strays, THEY MAKE THEM BETTER, and they adopt them out. They're so well-known that it's a crazy long line to get one of their animals. Watching the videos, I kept telling Scott "send them some money" because this is a cause I can 110% get behind. The videos are sad to watch at first, but then, as Scott said, THEY MAKE THEM BETTER. Proceed with caution: You will cry happy tears.

I'm hopping back on the Stitchfix train. I haven't gotten anything from them since the end of October/beginning of November. And I actually wear my Stitchfix clothes more often than I wear anything else. I also haven't bought new clothes of any kind since Thanksgiving break. I got a few shirts in a Black Friday J.Crew Factory sale. While it's almost kind of fun to see how long I can go, I need something a little new to add to the rotation. There ain't no way I'm going to spend time buying things online from Old Navy or Gap just to have it fall apart after one wash (I legitimately think I'm done with these brands), and browsing I do not do.
Anyway. Looking forward to my Stitchfix box next week.
(I'll not be shady and tell you those are referral links to Stitchfix...but not to the other websites.)

Blogging and typing has been a bit slow-going this week. I feel like I over-used my right hand and did some hard labor/heavy cleaning last weekend so I aggravated this slight sprain I seem to have acquired a few months ago. I'm on a cycle of heat/ice, heat/ice. It gets better when I take care of it, but being at work obviously makes it worse. 
This is why, if you've commented, I've likely not gotten around to answering it. I just wanted to put this up, because leaving you with a depressing post about the state of our nation's educational system makes for a depressing weekend. 

Today it's 70 degrees and Sunday we're getting a snowstorm. My thoughts on weather in Colorado are a whole other blog post.


  1. i'm all banged up from snowboarding so i'm seeing my acupuncturist today to get that fixed right up....something for you to consider for your wrist!

  2. My family got home from Banff, Canada last night and the 20 degrees here was a heat wave compared to the -6 they had there the entire time skiing. Its supposed to get up to 65 today then snow sometime this weekend too. Maybe it'll all stay in CO! :)

  3. I don't have any problems with most Old Navy/Gap stuff. That stinks that you do!

  4. OHHHHH YESSS - looking up that podcast right now!
    Oh gosh - half my wardrobe is Old Navy - I've not had any problems with it.

  5. That sucks you've been having issues with ON/Gap clothing, I haven't had a problem in a really long time with their stuff, which is surprising! Maybe you got a bad batch that somehow made it through QC...

  6. I like Old Navy stuff but it makes me sad how fast it falls apart on me too... so I think I'm getting grumpy with them as well. I get tiny holes at the bottoms of my shirts. Surprisingly, the maternity stuff has held on well! And the kid stuff too. But normal grown up shirts? Nope. Not really. I just want some basic tshirts!

  7. I still have yet to try stitch fix, one of these days I might try it.

  8. Pennsylvania weather has been a little bit bi-polar this week, as well. We had an almost 60 degree day on Wednesday. A snow storm with 6+ inches (depending on where you were) Thursday, and yesterday it was in the high 50s. The snow is basically gone, and it's been raining all day so far today....

    Also, I'm bummed about your ON clothes. I don't have trouble with mine. Some I've had forever!!!


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