January 23, 2017


Apparently, the stress of things really caught up to me all at once and culminated in me getting sick during the busiest week of the month. I haven't been eating great and the stressful combination of Scott's job plus my job have pushed my immune system to the edge, I suppose.
I've been on a steady diet of Mucinex since Friday. Awesome, right?
I need my downtime in the evenings that was taken away last week so mornings got extra busier because I was trying to do-all-the-things. 

Wednesday night, there was a volunteer recognition ceremony and there's nothing like your husband handing you a certificate in front of a room full of people and saying good things about you. Everyone should get to experience that at least once. I also got the same Starbucks giftcard that he gave to all of the volunteers.

I don't remember Thursday.

Friday night was the battalion ball at the Broadmoor. By this point, I was sick. 99% sure I had a fever but I didn't want to check.

I wore this dress from Rent the Runway and, while I saw a few similar ones, 99% (again, with the %) of the dresses were long and slinky. Some of them looked really good. Personally, I thought they all kind of looked the same. And I wasn't going for the prom look. I was channeling something else, but I'm not sure what. Like, I knew what I wanted, but I didn't know what to call it. I knew I wanted to look like a grown-up at the same time. However, I was comfortable and I wasn't hiking a dress up all night or having it stepped on or tugging it up under the armpits, so I call this a big fat win.

Shoes were from Payless. They were kind of a velvety material and were $28 with a coupon. They are actually incredibly comfortable. My feet ached a bit by the end of the night but I think that's obviously from dancing (side note: Scott owes me). As I type this, the next day, they don't hurt at all. I can see myself wearing these pumps regularly.

The glasses that were stolen either by the staff at the Broadmoor as they cleared the tables or by soldiers as they were leaving. Still not sure. Also, the dinner a very expensive ticket buys you. Also, soda was $4.75 a glass and beer was $9. Nothing like the Broadmoor.

There's horror stories out there of military wives who try to wear their spouse's rank and act like they are deserving of the accolades their spouse has earned. I've never been one to think this way because I'm not in the army and don't want to be. However, I will say that going to a ball of 700 people as part of the command team was a completely different experience than going to balls in the past (where I haven't known many people). I couldn't figure out if people were giving me weird looks because I was wearing a tea-length dress, because I was that striking (ha ha no), or because I was with Scott. People LOVE Scott because he is so darn nice and fair and willing. I'm really proud of what he's been able to accomplish with this unit and as a commander. Five more months of command and then onto the next thing...stay tuned for that.

Moving on...
Saturday, the sickness continued. We ran some errands that included breakfast, Mardel's, Autozone, and Pier 1 to check out a chair that we decided we didn't like in person. Then I started getting the house in order...I have to use my weekends to set up for the coming week..I just can't not do that. Then it was onto the outdoor chores of the day: filling potholes.

We used this and this to fill in and compact the potholes and messy parts of our 1.5 mile dirt road. It wasn't too cold...until the sun went down.

Then I finished the night on the couch with some Theraflu, hoping it'd knock me out for at least 8 hours but when I'm sick, I don't sleep.

Not coffee. Theraflu.

Sunday...I don't even remember. 
I watched The Bachelor (finally), did some grading, got things in order, and watched a miserable Steelers game. We had wings and jalapeno poppers. The dogs went hunting for a bit (Scott went too). 
I think I slept for 10 total hours this weekend. 

Oh, Monday. Let's try this. 

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  1. I hope you're feeling better today! Being sick with so much stuff going on is never fun. Looks like you made the most of it anyway!

  2. So glad you had a great time at the ball! You are definitely right that attending a ball when your spouse is a commander is totally different, there is a different feel.

    1. I had no idea! We hadn't been to one since 2011, so I'm not shocked that it was different though. Also, remembering the dress you wore to the ball you went to this past fall, I liked that too and I didn't see anything similar to it here either.

  3. I'm so sorry you weren't feeling well this weekend but girl you looked fab in that dress!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. You guys looked wonderful at the ball, sorry you were so sick through it!

  5. You guys looked great at that ball! I can empathize with the weird looks. I'm sure it has to do with Scott's position, people used to stare at me when Isaiah was in upper management at the credit union, I never really understood why but it was definitely a fishbowl feeling.

    I'm sorry you were sick, hopefully you're feeling a little better today!

  6. Oh man... hope you make it through the day.
    At least you had a nice hoorah before the sickies got you totally down. You look adorable. & KUDOS for comfy dress shoes.

  7. Sorry you're not feeling well. Few things are as miserable as being sick and still having a ton of things you need to do! I hope you're feeling better soon.

    And I may have shed tears over that game and stopped watching in the fourth quarter.


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