January 20, 2017

5 Things I...


This compost canister. Scott has plans to start a garden this year (now that he's here to take care of it) and he wanted to start a compost pile. While separating compost in the kitchen isn't always a pleasant task, this canister makes it legitimately painless. Seriously. We should've paid $25 for this years ago. We also got compostable liners...it's like taking out the trash, but to the compost bin, not the trash can. It really couldn't be easier. (We got the copper-colored can but I'm way too lazy to look for it online right now.)

Avocado toast. I've seen this around for a very long time but didn't try it myself until a month ago or so. I like avocado on my BLTs so it would make sense that this is good too.

Curling wands. My friend let me borrow hers to try out and I adore it. I'll be looking into buying one soon. It does things to hair that seem to be magic. The curls stay in forever too. I used hairspray one day last week and put my hair in a ponytail over night. The curls were still there in the morning.

Make-up free weekend (i.e. didn't leave the house for 2+ days), but with a fun filter.

This vest. Pictured above. Ugh. Call it drinking the Kool-Aid if you want, but I heard about the Uniqlo vest on the Happier podcast and thought Hmmmm. My parents sent me a fleece Eddie Bauer vest (kind of similar but it's gray and pink) last Christmas and I wore it near every day of 2016. If I didn't have a winter coat on, I had this vest on; it has zippered pockets for both dog remote and cell phone. I wore it all spring, summer, and fall. Walking dogs and doing prairie chores (like shooting snakes), I had this vest on. So I thought, Why not get another one? 
My mom was looking for a birthday gift for me, so I mentioned this and it arrived last week. Seriously...it's a keeper. I've been wearing it around the house for days on end. It weighs nothing but it has a down fill so it actually is warm! I get too hot around the house with a sweatshirt on, so this is perfect. I got the beige so it'll match anything, but it does run a bit small. I read the reviews and ordered a medium and it's ideal.

And, since my theme for Fridays is "5" and since I'm tired and have a sore throat and it's 9:44 9:49 9:53pm on a Thursday night...recommend something to/for me!


  1. I recommend a NC vacation this summer. <3

  2. yes to composts! we have strict regulations when it comes to garbage and we have to separate waste into 5 bins: regular garbage, compost (organics etc), recyclables (plastics, cardboard, paper etc). things that only specific depots take are plastic bags and styrofoam. all regular garbage must be in clear plastic bags otherwise they won't take them! our compost is the biggest and if i had a garden, it would be thriving each spring/summer because of it!

  3. I need to give the whole avocado on toast thing a try. I'm not a huge fan of toast but I think it would be equally as tasty on an English muffin! I have a curling wand that I should also give more of a chance, I've used it a few times but I need more practice!

  4. Curling wand huh? My hair is naturally curly but I straighten it however I'd love to have like waves, maybe I need to try that. I hate the curling iron because I just can't do it like others can.

    I had a kiddo elbow my face when I was standing behind her to help her log onto the computer yesterday...this means my glasses rubbed up against my eye. Then on top of all that, I get home and my eye is red and the top lid is huge. First thought was pink eye but I've never had it so no clue. I'm going to be grr if the kiddo passed it onto me. Nurse says it appears to be just allergies but if I see anything come out, I need to come back down to her. What a day already!

  5. I've been on an avocado toast kick lately. Every morning. The Hubs has been amazed how many avocados I can go through in a day.

  6. Curling wand?! I am going to have to check out this amazingness.

  7. For the sore scratchy throat, I recommend Sprite. The sugar coats your throat and it is less scratchy. estherdavison@gmail.com

  8. If we had a yard/garden, I would totally have a compost bin! My grandparents always had one growing up and I always thought it was the coolest thing for some reason, haha.

    Avocado toast is bomb.

    Also, the link to your new vest isn't working but thin, warm vests in general are awesome. I have a couple of them and I live in them in the winter, too.

  9. I like avocado on basically everything but it's ridiculously hard to find good ones here so I've kinda given up. ha!

  10. I'm putting that compost thing on my list! I also need a compost bin... but one thing at a time? ;)


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