December 8, 2016

Stocking Stuff(ers) and Things

Fun fact: my camera, which hasn't been used in weeeeeeks, took one picture for me on Tuesday and then the battery died. It was 23 degrees and cloudy. I was not charging the battery and taking another picture.
Therefore, this is my "practice" picture. Usually I take 3 or 4. 

But this picture is really just to illustrate the point that winter is HERE and I'm layering up.

Also, my skin is dry. So I'm including some Rodan+Fields stocking stuffer ideas that will combat that dry skin. 

There's also Sunless Tanner, Gauze Pads for applying toner (I LOVE THESE!), and Broad Spectrum Sunscreen (if you're lucky enough to be on a tropical vacation this time of year :)

If you're looking for a bigger gift, the Lash Boost serum is getting rave reviews from consultants and customers.  There's a special that's running through January 2nd: with the serum, you get a travel pouch and a mini-eye cream. 

I sell Rodan and Fields and I whole-heartedly recommend the products. And if there's a product I don't use or don't like, I will tell you about it. All you have to do is ask my opinion and I'll be 100% honest with you. This is my disclaimer to say that, yes, it's a direct sales business but, also, the products actually work and I like to think that I'm providing a service by telling you all about them. It's not "stuff". It's not "things". It will not clutter up your house or fall apart after one wash or get lost at the bottom of a junk drawer. It will make your skin reach its full potential and heal acne, fix wrinkles, soothe dryness, and reverse sun damage. Seriously. 

Stuff, Things, etc.


  1. It is cold...we are at a whopping 22 degrees at the current moment...and here's to recess duty hopefully inside today, ha!

  2. R+F products would be great stocking stuffers!

  3. I love your outfit in that photo! Super cute!


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