December 30, 2016

5 Things I...

This is my library haul from a couple of days ago, so fingers crossed I can get through all of them in a month. Luckily the library is part of my school district and there's no late fees for teachers. Small victories.

Last week, I listed some things I've been watching (TV, I hate to admit, is my preferred entertainment). This week, it's things I've been reading.

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware. When this popped up on my library hold list,  I had to get to it and prioritize it. I didn't really like it.

Some blog posts about The Bachelor. This is about the girls and this is about the history of Nick. I admit that I'm really pulling for him and just hope he doesn't pick a 23 year old. I can't imagine he'd have that much in common with any of them.

This post on perspective and failure. Spoiler alert: I'm really putting the word perspective into my plans for the new year.

A post about military spouses that is *slightly* original. You see, not all of these apply to me, but it's refreshing to see something other than "we have interests too!" or "it's sometimes harder when your service member is home!" or other such claims.

Sarah Beth is doing a Yoga Challenge for the month of January and I'll be taking part. Want to join in?

Have a safe and happy weekend! Thanks for sticking with me for another year :)


  1. Thank you for sharing the Bachelor posts! I only started watching in Ben's season, so I didn't understand half the drama on Bachelor in Paradise.. but now I'm studying up to be ready for Nick! Confession? I didn't like him in Paradise. It seemed like he was too desperate to fall in love with just anybody who would have him, and his weird fawning over Amanda made me uncomfortable. Much as I thought Josh is the living incarnation of Gaston, like, respect the lady's choice, dude!! I can't wait to go back to writing Bachelor recaps on my blog, I missed it so much!!

  2. I liked Dark Dark Wood and will probably read Cabin 10 but I've heard lots of people say they didn't like it. I always have trouble identifying with military spouse blogs, because my husband and I are BOTH in the military. I'm about to get out and he's trying to go full time, but I like it because I feel like I have a slightly different perspective.

  3. Im pulling for Nick too, let's see who he ends up with.

    Might join that yoga challenge, sounds fun!

  4. I didn't like Cabin 10 either. It's hard to like a book when the main character is completely insufferable.

    I'm looking forward to the Bachelor but I do wish they had picked some older girls. They're almost all 23-26 and he's 36. That's a huge maturity gap for most people but then again he is choosing reality tv to find a girlfriend/wife.

    I love Sarah Beth's yoga videos. I read a comment where she replied to someone, saying it's not the best challenge if you're pregnant because it's not modified at all for pregnancy so I'm a little bummed I can't do the challenge too, but I am using a lot of her prenatal yoga videos lately and they're some of my favorites.

  5. A yoga challenge sounds so fun! That's awesome about no late fees for teachers! I love the library but I am forever returning things late lol! Happy New Year!

  6. i've heard so many people say Cabin 10 wasn't that awesome so i took it off my list.

    Ruta Sepetys last book Salt To The Seas was incredible! let us know how you find this book of hers.

  7. Happy New Year, Kristin! Wishing you an amazing year!

  8. I agree with your point about Nick and a 23-year-old. I'm not terribly impressed by any of the girls yet, but maybe someone will win me over in time.

    I'm doing the 31 Days of Yoga with Adriene. I'm hoping it'll give me a good base for incorporating yoga on a more regular basis.

  9. It made my booklovin' heart so happy when you said that you loved Out of the Easy's first sentence too. I'm always so worried about singing loud praises for books. We don't all respond to them the same way. So, I don't want anyone disappointed by a book that I've raved about. I'm dumb sometimes.

  10. that's awesome you don't have late fees at your library. i try to return things on time, but.. life.
    i don't know about ruth ware yet.. i might wait until the hype dies down, i've heard good things and bad things about both of her books.


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