November 3, 2016

S&T 11/3

+I've been watching American Housewife. I like it. I'm also still enjoying Shameless, Timeless, The Goldbergs, Jane the Virgin, and Once Upon a Time. I gave up on a few things...Conviction was dumb..I stopped with This is Us...The Good Place is kind of meh...I don't think I ever watched a second episode of Speechless...Also, I gave up on Designated Survivor..maybe I'll pick it up again.

+Scott ordered this from Amazon. I cannot stop laughing.

+Season 3 of The Fall premiered on Saturday. So that's what I did all day. I do love Jamie Dornan. 

He was my favorite part of Once Upon a Time until Hook came along.

Also, who doesn't like Jennifer Lawrence?

+Bunnicula might be in my top ten of favorite books. 
The writing is strangely grown-up and it flows so nicely as a read-aloud. 

+I've been on the hunt for jeans. I have none that are "go-to jeans". I have jeans I can wear and put up with, but none that I wear without a second thought. 
I went to Target one day a few weeks back and tried on a few pairs. 
They were all awful. The skinny jeans had no shape and/or structure and I don't know if people (or Target) realize this: that doesn't do anyone any favors. They're not THAT cheap (at $30 a pair) and they fit like tight structure. I'm all about soft material and stretch, but these were very unflattering. And, to be honest, I don't even have a whole lot that I'm looking to hide and I couldn't make them work.
So I went to American Eagle's website (because I'm not driving to the mall) and found the ones with the best review and ordered two different sizes. 
I got them for 20% off, so this pair was $38.
They are pure heaven.
They are soft, they are stretchy, but they are structured.
I wanted to wear them right away.
But I'll wait for it to be below 70 degrees.
Maybe tomorrow.
I've never been this excited by a pair of jeans.
HIGHLY recommend the Super Soft x4 AE Jegging.
Size up #becauseAmericanEagle.

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  1. $38 for a pair of jeans that you are happy with is a good find.
    I don't even know what half those shows are that you mentioned. I often admit how out of touch I am with the tv world. Last night, Neil mentioned maybe we'd get Netflix or amazon prime in the new year. I didn't know if I should be ecstatic or scared.

  2. I still love This is Us, but only got through one ep of Speechless. I stand by my Old Navy Jeans...I have a hard time finding ones anywhere else...though I am now going to read the reviews for the AE ones!

  3. Target jeans are the worst! I have the most awful time finding jeans. My best luck has been with Stitchfix but they are pricey! I do like Old Navy too.

  4. I'm still into This Is Us, it's the only new show I started this year, I'm not a diehard fan but I do think the plot is interesting enough that I'm going to keep watching. I have fully converted to American Eagle jeans, the fact they make a 'short' length is a major selling point in my books! And they are usually Buy One, Get One Half off which is totally affordable.

  5. i love jeans but i need some stretch in them because comfortable.

    BUNNICULA - yes. i loved that series when i was a kid and tried to get Kayla into it but she's all a "a vampire bunny? who would write such a thing? bunnies are cute, not scary!". i keep telling her that he sucks the juice out of veggies, not other animals but she doesn't believe me LOL

  6. A jegging huh? Haven't bought a pair of those yet!

  7. I hate jean shopping it's the worse! I have had some luck with Gap jeans before though. Love that Jennifer Lawrence quote...she is the best!

  8. Okay so I only buy Target jeans but I have skinny legs and no butt or hips so I NEED a lack of structure... structured pants just hang on me like the ghosts of the womanly curves that I lack! I tried AE jeans again a few years ago and I had to go up so far in the size that it was depressing and I quit! I've basically given up on Designated Survivor though it still lives on the DVR just in case I change my mind...

  9. I have been resisting The Fall all week, saving it for this weekend. I do not watch any of the shows you mentioned except Designated Survivor and I'm about 2 episodes away from quitting How to Get Away with Murder.

  10. I'm super picky about jeans, the only ones that I seem to like the fit of I get at Old Navy.

  11. Glad you found some jeans you like. I go with Target ones often, because skinny dark wash is usually what I stick with at this point. That quote is great, I definitely need to check out The Fall. One of my friends LOVES it. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  12. oh wow, you stopped with this is us? i haven't even started it but i've heard it's like the most amazing thing since sliced bread. i thought the good life looked cute in commercials but i'm not sure if i will actually watch it. we'll see. oh, Jamie Dornan. i really liked him in Once until... you know. haha. Hook is good too.
    i worked with someone when i first moved here that HATED jennifer lawrence. because they went to school together and she said that everything jennifer lawrence said was a lie. i was like.. i don't care? i like her. haha.
    i am glad you found fabulous jeans! i have one pair of AE jeans and i didn't know the size up rule so they don't fit right now. haha. i did manage to squeeze them on when i first bought them, but they weren't stretchy or soft so i don't think i would like them even if they did fit. my go to favourite jeans are from express, i have 2 pairs of the exact same jeans. love them!

  13. I stopped with This is Us, too. Boring. I also gave up on Designated Survivor and I agree, The Good Place is okay not great. I've been watching the new season of Secrets and Lies, it's pretty good. Different than last season.

    Jeans are the one thing I will spend a lot of money on because I have never found a cheap pair that fits me well...not Gap, not Old Navy, not Target, not AE.

  14. Shopping for jeans is the worst. I have never had good jeans experiences at Target either. The last decent pair I got were from Kohl's, but that was a fluke. I found them stuffed in one of the clearance racks and haven't been able to find any like them since.

  15. Loved him as Grant on OUAT!!!
    I am loving Designated Survivor which surprises me - I'm not a fan of political shows. Except Scandal which is more soap opera ;)
    I also love American Housewife but HATE they make her sound like she's such an "OVERWEIGHT" woman. She looks normal to me.

  16. American Eagle jeans are my favorite! They're so soft and comfy..I have quite a few pairs and might need to try that kind too! Thanks for linking up with us :)


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