November 10, 2016

5 on ...Thursday. (S&T 11/10)

....because holy cow, it's only Thursday???

1. This is everything. 

2. That in which Scott does not understand how Facebook works. My coworker alerted me to him posting on my wall. 

And he finally gave Shameless a try.

*Seeing these texts makes it seem like soldiers on deployments have cell phones. They don't really. Scott never did on other deployments. This is a rare occurrence and we don't get to text all the time.

3. I love this. I can't decide when I want to decorate for Christmas this year. Like, before Thanksgiving? I don't know...if I have anyone over for Thanksgiving, they might think it's weird that the Christmas stuff is already up.

4.  At some point, there will be a welcome home ceremony for Scott's battalion. The FRG has been working to put together decorations for these ceremonies. Since I'm the liaison for Girls on the Run at my school, I needed to come up with a Community Impact Project for the girls to do. Each season, they have to do something that gives back to the community. In the past, they've donated toys to animal shelters and made placemats for homeless shelters to use when serving Thanksgiving dinner.

This year, I put them to work coloring decorations for the homecoming ceremonies. This is the greatest example of two birds-one stone that I've ever accomplished. Multitasking: Level Expert.

5. I really don't want to say anything political because that's not my thing. It's not what I'm interested in doing, it's not my passion, etc. I will say that I love our country, I tear up during the national anthem, and I support our military more whole-heartedly than you can imagine. So there's all that. 
Do I align myself with the Republican viewpoint? Yes.
Am I all of those terrible things that people are saying Republicans are? I sure hope not. 

Stuff, Things, etc.
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  1. I love that Christmas kitchen scene!!! So pretty!!!!

  2. I say decorate when you want! there are people here in my area that are 100% decorated already for christmas, including a tree that's lit and displayed at night!! LOL

  3. decorate whenever you want! i know some people are against it, but i think of the whole holiday season as.. well, one whole big season. so if i wanted to decorate for christmas before thanksgiving, why the heck not! one day i will be a person who decorates but not this day. that really is awesome what you got the girls to do and good to hear it's been a positive experience.

  4. We are hosting three Christmas shindigs at our house..THREE! It's kind of stressing me out, and thinking about starting to decorate for it now, but we're also hosting my in-laws for Thanksgiving next Sunday. A real first world problem, I know. But I do love that kitchen photo. And re: politics, I feel the same exact way. It is hard no matter what given the two options, but it's still tough no matter what you believe.

  5. Are they not allowed to have cell phones for security reasons?

    I can't decide when to decorate either. I'm going to be in Seattle for Thanksgiving and won't be back until mid-week afterward, so if we do it the following weekend we'll only have our decorations up for 3-4 weeks and that's just never enough for me. Too much work for only a few weeks.

  6. I am a staunch post Thanksgiving decorator, except at the shore where I will not be until after Thanksgiving. LOL

  7. I cringe at how broad the paintbrush is right now for Republicans. So not accurate. Makes me sad.

    I'm actually anxious & excited to get my Christmas decorating going myself.

  8. #4 is awesome. Love it when two big jobs overlap like that! I've been trying to use some of those strategies lately because I think I signed up for maybe a few too many big projects in December.

  9. A+ for multi-tasking with the decorations/service project!

  10. Kristin, I have made a point to mention that I voted both Bushes, both yes, I know that not all people who vote Republican are racist, sexist, xenophobic, and more. Because I have voted Republican in the past, I think that's why I was the most disappointed that this is who the Republicans chose as their candidate...someone that I just couldn't support. Okay. Sorry. You didn't want to talk politics.
    I love the Community Impact Project idea of yours! That's just fantastic!!


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