October 26, 2016

Wednesday Reads and a PSA

Public Service Announcement:

Wishing fall into existence does not make it so. It was 74 degrees yesterday. Please put away the blanket scarves. You dressing for the North Pole when it is in the 70s does not a fall season make and you will just get hot and sweaty. Please check the weather. 
I think even worse than those who don't check the weather are those who DO check the weather and just throw on the winter gear anyway. That's not how getting dressed should work.
I went with bare legs yesterday. It was almost 60 degrees at 7am. 

Now that we have that out of the way, a few things for you to check out...

Keeping it classy, as usual, Broncos fans. I swear, I never cared one way or the other about the Broncos until I met their fans. They booed their old quarterback when he returned to play against them on Monday night. The newscasters in Colorado Springs were bragging about this on Tuesday morning. 
I maintain that no one looks good in bright orange. 

What are the main reasons teachers call it quits? Interesting. 

Jana tweeted this the other day and I'm a loyal listener of the BSCC podcast. You have to listen from the beginning for it to make sense, so I recommend going back to episode one. 

I found this pin that lead to an article about podcasts for book lovers. That article led me to What Should I Read Next? and I listened to four episodes yesterday. So it goes without saying that I recommend it.

I firmly believe that comparison is the thief of joy and, while I like to look to others as models as what I perhaps should or shouldn't be doing, this post is quite true. We can't measure ourselves against others because none of us are facing the exact same circumstances. 

What have you read on the internet lately?


  1. I know absolutely nothing about Broncos fans. I do love Von Miller though. But, I know him from the fact that he played and graduated from my university.

  2. Yes it's the same here, people are willing cold weather and all I see is people looking ridiculous in boots and sweaters.

  3. I am glad I live in the northeast where it's been rainy and cold. We can wear boots and scarves and not look silly. But I agree with you. Sometimes fashion needs to go with the climate you're in. I completely get wanting to wear the "fall" wardrobe, but don't get heat stroke in the process!

  4. I'm excited about the podcast you included. Thank you1 I'm wildly obsessed with book suggestions.

  5. I hate when people dress for what they think the weather should be vs. what it is. It makes me cold or hot from afar. LOL

  6. I feel the same way about all the girls here still wearing miniskirts in October when it's 45 degrees outside. You just look dumb.

  7. I love the BSCC!! I agree that you need to listen from the beginning. They are hilarious though and the tangents they get off on are the best. I'll have to check out What Should I Read Next. I'm completely caught up on my current podcasts and need something for my quiet workdays.

    1. What other podcasts do you listen to? I'm always looking for suggestions!

  8. The teacher article is definitely interesting. There are definitely days I want to do something else. Then I remember summer. And snow days.

    I LOVE th BSCC. Seriously, so hilarious. The article sums it up perfectly.

  9. so, i woke up this morning to snow on the ground and our cars. RAGE. Seriously, I was not prepared for that; it's not even November yet! Canada needs to slow her roll.

  10. no one looks good in orange. so gross. it's been pretty cold here and i am legit in winter gear already. i skipped the cute fall phase. love that last one you shared, very true. definitely checking out the what to read next podcast.


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