October 3, 2016

Reality of life

If I would tweak these, they would become confessions. They're not confessions, just life in its current realistic state.

1. I don't mind it when my 4:54am alarm goes off in the morning. It means another day is starting and I get coffee. Those are good things and victories at this point in a deployment.

2. I've been spending more and more lunch periods (25 full minutes) sitting at my desk, decompressing. Sitting in the lounge is too much. I just need to relax.

3. It's still too hot to wear pants to work.

I bought this shirt on Amazon and I'm impressed with it. 
Skirt is Old Navy (on clearance now! I think I paid $15). Shoes are fake TOMS from Target. 
This was my Friday outfit because jeans don't work when it's 74* in your classroom by 9am.

4. Speaking of the Steelers, Mike Tomlin said what I've been thinking for weeks: In last night's pre-game interview, when asked if he's addressed taking a knee during the national anthem with his team, he said it's something they've never formally talked about because they have an army ranger on the team and the team probably is sensitive to and understands his sacrifice and the sacrifice of those like him. Villanueva's comments on the issue are brilliant. (The linked video doesn't have to do with the Steelers, but the article does.)

5. You all were right: I appreciate my weekends now (that didn't take long) but Sunday afternoons are still awful.

6. I thought about getting a pedicure yesterday but I was a little too lazy to invest the drive, the time, and the $30. I decided a better investment would be to buy my own bottle of OPI Strawberry Margarita and do it myself. This is the color I always get so I might as well just pay $8 for it.

Hello, Monday.


  1. the second i open my eyes, i think "coffee time!" but most of the time, it's 330am so I have to try and go back to sleep :/

  2. I bring my own polish to pedicures a lot but still go and get them.

    I love knowing coffee is coming very soon after I wake up.

  3. its cooled down here but I'm still wearing my skirts & flip flops until the temps totally drop

  4. 4:54 is so early! I would have to sleep until 5:00 just to see that digit on the clock change :)

  5. Aside from the offensive word on the shirt you're wearing (I don't believe in cursing), I like the t-shirt/skirt combo! ;)

    Kinda nice to see an actual sane person commenting on the Kaepernick thing.

  6. It's amazing how decompressing for a few minutes can make you feel better.

  7. I got goosebumps reading Alejandro Villanueva's thoughts. Thank you for sharing that link.

  8. i don't mind my alarm going off because it means i get to eat food, which is the best part of any day lol

  9. Yes, yes, and yes to what Mike Tomlin said. I literally yelled, "Damn right!" at the TV during that interview. It's just another reason why I love the Steelers organization. I wanted to say something on Facebook, but I couldn't remember the exact words. He said it so well, I didn't want to screw it up. Haha


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