October 4, 2016

Links to Share...

Here's a few things I've bookmarked lately...

These candy corn decorations. I was invited to a craft party where they'll be making these but can't go because it's during the week. I looked up the craft and I want to try it but I also don't trust myself with the circular saw (OBVIOUSLY). Nor do I know how to use it (OBVIOUSLY). I sent the link to Scott.

I feel like I've shared this article about how children have no skills when it comes to waiting, monotonous tasks, or relationships. I can't remember. I used to not be so cynical because I've worked with MANY wonderful children and families. But every year it gets worse, and it's very depressing.

I don't normally post this kind of stuff but I wanted to jump for joy when I read #1 on this list of ways to live the non-diet life. Try eating like it's the weekend on Monday. Starting every Monday with a diet has to make Monday that much harder, right?

Things kids don't understand. Every year, it gets a bit more difficult to explain things to kids. It's not particularly hard to relate to them, but the references don't get the message across like it used to. When you look at that list of terms and sayings, no wonder they have no point of reference. They will never know the pain of listening to the clicks on a rotary dial phone.

I hate icebreakers so, so much. You would think that once you're established in a position or with a group of people, icebreakers would stop. But no. We do an icebreaker, on average, twice a month.
I never, ever make kids do icebreakers because I know what it's like to loathe them.

This list of teacher luxuries are all true. Sadly.

And edited to add a picture because picture-less posts are also sad.

These trees are right next to each other, so I'm not sure what this is about.


  1. It is harder to teach kids new things because they are established in what they think they already know. We had a kiddo start yesterday and in tech, we are doing edutyping and they have to keep their fingers on the home keys. So as I was explaining it to him, he says "well I don't type that way". I really wanted to say "no shit sherlock but you're going to have to learn" but I just smiled and said "that's what we are trying to teach you." He shrugged his shoulders and laid his head down. They are so darn use to ipods, texting, etc that they just don't care!

  2. I have a love hate with icebreakers. So awkward but it does make it easier to talk to people.
    Oh gosh... i cringe at how out of touch socially the next generation coming up is/going to be.

  3. But you promised me no pictures. I came here for a picture-free post! Kidding. Off to read some of these articles that will surely make me consider the state of kids these days...

  4. i'm sure each generation feels this way, but i agree about the relating to kids... i drove my friend's kid somewhere the other day and he complained he was hot, and i said roll the window down, and he was like why do you say roll? don't you mean push? and i was like... shut up.

  5. I hate hate hate ice breakers. They are terrible torture.

  6. I hate icebreakers that are super silly and that are just trying to make everyone feel comfortable make me feel so awkward. The icebreakers that are more along the lines of 'find someone who has read all the Harry Potter books' or 'move to the left if you've been to Disney' are more my style. They give me actual points of conversation to have with people, which is helpful.

  7. That list of expressions kids don't understand is funny but I think they're reaching a little bit with "clockwise." Not ALL clocks and watches are digital, there are still plenty of actual clocks floating around.

    Icebreakers are the absolute worst.

  8. Ice breakers are the worst!! I always get super uncomfortable.

  9. I don't think I should be allowed within 10 feet of a circular saw. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

    And thank you on behalf of humanity. Hopefully the kids you don't force to do icebreakers will bestow such benevolence on their fellow co-workers.

  10. Things kids don't understand: sad, but true. I understand all of these things. I now feel very old.

    Teacher luxuries: also true. Especially that water thing. I TRY to keep drinking because I need water. But sometimes, I don't because I know I just can't go to the bathroom! (Although, with 6th graders, I can USUALLY trust them to be left alone for two minutes while I run out...)


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