September 8, 2016

STUFF and THINGS (is BACK) 9/8

Stuff, Things, etc.

Welcome to all link-up bloggers, old and new!

+Who watched the Bachelor in Paradise finale? Thoughts? I have many.

+Also, I'm pretty thrilled that Nick is the new Bachelor. He has personality (unlike Ben) and he can't blame naivety for his dumb decisions (like Jojo).

Also, I'll get a life as soon as the opportunity arises.

+Who is all caught up on Once Upon a Time? I just finished season 5 on Netflix. Ugh. I cried a few times. My love for Hook: it's never-ending. New episodes start September 25th!

+I love my new vacuum. Truthfully it looks a bit alien-like and I didn't want to get it for that very reason. But there's form and functionality to the design and it WORKS.'s FALL. Which means we're Pumpkin Swapping!

Just putting it out there...look for the sign-up at the end of the month!

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  1. Your comment "I'll get a life as soon as the opportunity arises" made me giggle.
    I have to admit, sometimes I feel a little left out because I can't participate in blog swaps. Boo hoo, first world problem, I know. ha!

  2. I followed Season 5 of Once Upon a Time in real time and the 2nd half was completely heartbreaking. I'm glad that it's almost finally time for the next season!

  3. I, too, chuckled at your getting a life comment. :) Happy to see this link return! Have a great Thursday!

  4. Oh YESSS! Does this mean we're all true adults when my favorite thing about this post was your vacuum?!? (insert cry laughing emoji here). Jonathan left our vacuum at the Buies Creek house by accident when we moved here. This is why men can't be left in charge of the final walk through. (insert heavy sigh). I've been borrowing a neighbor's ever since (I have a roomba, too, but he only does half a job really--he's fine at keeping things clean, but not at CLEANING them...if that makes sense). Okay anyway, longest comment ever about a vacuum, but here we are :)

  5. Hook is the reason I have stuck with OUAT... he is just SOOOOO perfect.
    Bachelor in Paradise. I dont get all these engagements... after 3 weeks. So weird. Though I LOVE carly & evan - which freaks me out how much I hated them at first & grossed out by their spitty kiss :) haha

  6. Hooray for the return of Stuff & Things!

    I'm thrilled that vacuum worked out for you.
    I got bored with OUAT and never made it past season...2??
    BIP...I could barely stomach Josh and Amanda's proposal. I actually liked her in Ben's season because I thought she was bright and sweet, but now she just looks like a total bimbo. And his "Mmmmmmhhh!! That was so sweet!!" after her speech...gag me with a pitchfork.

  7. I'm excited for Nick to be the bachelor mainly because I didn't watch his original season... so it's like someone "new" to me!

  8. Thank you for bringing back this link-up and the swap! I'm excited for both.

  9. Ummm... #obsessed with Once Upon a Time. I kept up throughout the regular season, and the last two episodes had me in tears almost the entire time. I am also pretty much in love with Hook. Because, seriously.

  10. I finally caught up with BIP and I got to say that while Nick will be a good bachelor, I heard it was supposed to be Luke and they dumped him literally last minute. It will be interesting - I'm also looking forward to the Ben & Lauren show on Freeform.

  11. i am so behind on OUAT, i think i might need to start all over again. what happened to Hook? NO WAIT DON'T TELL ME.
    ooooooh your new vacuum is so pretty! very alien looking. so shiny and sleek.

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