September 5, 2016


These are the easiest Monday posts because we all know I can't do a good recap. 
A three-day weekend is a good thing.  I've been sick since Wednesday and I keep thinking it's getting better, and then it gets worse. So maybe I'll have recuperated by the start of the work week? 

I've been looking for research and ideas for how to best implement reading stamina into the intermediate grades. I can't find much. The best I can do is create a rubric and I told the kids *we* would have to develop a technique for 4th graders because there's nothing much out there.
I did find this though and it made me chuckle....whoever made it spelled "tries" wrong.

Here's what I came up with...

I made this around 4am the other day, so double check: Did I spell anything wrong?

Because some days, you just need comfort food:

And my personal favorite: 


  1. Once, in 4th grade, I was legit reading a book upside down as a challenge, and I got in trouble :(

  2. Haha the last meme is too funny!

  3. Great rubric (and free of spelling errors ;-) )!


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