September 6, 2016


You will see no Anne of Green Gables quotes here, but I should let you know that my basic-ness is about to burst forth.

I've always loved and appreciated fall. I'm one of the rare people who don't like summer very much. I don't particularly enjoy winter and I also don't like spring at all. Fall is the only time of year I feel truly at my best. Winter can make me miserable, spring makes me uncomfortable (you NEVER know what to wear), and summer on the prairie is something I wouldn't wish on anyone.


I don't even like pumpkin that much (I mean, it's okay), and I'm not a Halloween fan, and I don't love Thanksgiving food. Cider and pumpkin patches aren't my thing and I don't have #goals of going apple picking or wearing jeans, boots, and plaid.

Maybe my basic-ness isn't going to burst out, after all.

According to the scientific methods at Popsugar, I have warm undertones and, while I completely agree, my signature colors seem to be blues. I tend to go for navy for clothing and aqua-tones for decor if given a choice.

Warm undertones definitely shine through in the fall, right?

I do like football, and I love plaid, and I love to bake fall desserts, and decorating for fall is probably my favorite day of the year.

With that being said, summer is always over when school starts mid-August, but summer is *officially* over for me on September 1st. Or maybe right after Labor Day, depending on how the calendar plays out. Even if summer technically goes September 20th-ish.

Maybe fall is so amazing that it needs three different start dates.


  1. I like that - so awesome it needs 3 different start dates. You're right though. I find myself asking ppl when school starts, "Did you have a good summer?" One year a coworker's husband said, "it's not over yet..." He's not an educator. In my mind's eye, Labor Day marks the end of summer bc of the festival my hometown always had over the long weekend.

  2. I love Spring, and Fall - the other two are ehh. Winter is drab, and I live in Florida, so you I melt all season, haha. I do love pumpkin! But, not in everything all the time. I did have a PSL last week (it was rainy and somewhat 'chilly'), and I forgot how much I don't actually like them. They're just too sweet. I like pumpkin flavor a few times this season, and then I'm good - I got my fix. Haha.

  3. Gosh, I freaking love fall! I think it's just because we've seriously had the hottest, most uncomfortable summer here. Watch though...I'm going to go mad for spring once winter hits ;)

  4. I love decorating for fall!! It's definitely one of my favorite things about the season.

  5. Well the way MO weather is going, we will enter fall on a few different times as it was chily the other day, then back up to 90s etc this week. Blech!

  6. lol @ fall having 3 different start dates. i don't mind fall, but i don't love it. i don't love any of the things that people seem to. to me it means winter is coming and lordy i hate me some winter.


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