September 29, 2016

S&T 9/29 (More Fall TV)

Stuff, Things, etc.

+Other new shows I've watched...

The Good Place. It was okay. I like the cast. I don't love shows about a version of an afterlife though. They're really creepy to me (this is why I can't watch the movie Beetlejuice).

Speechless. Eh. I don't know. I'll probably watch if I remember.

I'm also looking forward to Conviction and Timeless.

+Shameless premiered a week early online! Loved it. I heart Lip. Also, I caught Once Upon a Time. Love.

+Also, I decided to try Outlander. I didn't like the book, but the show was...okay. I'll probably keep going. Claire is insufferable, though. She comes across exactly how she comes across in the book and that's why I didn't like the book. I think I'm three episodes in. This is my weekend project. #dreambig

+I check the weather compulsively. I want to say this habit came about in Alaska, but that's not true. It probably started when I was a teenager. In Alaska it was cold all the time, so that was likely the place I checked the weather the least. When someone dresses inappropriately and tells me they didn't check the weather, I'm flabbergasted. Like, why do you think it's on the news every 10 minutes? For you to know how to dress! I'm also sure this is 90% of why we still pay for cable. I need my morning/evening news.

++That being said, I went to the dashboard on my computer to use the calculator the other day and saw Anchorage's weather.

I'm kind of jealous. Back into the 80s this week.

+BUT it's fall, so I need to mention The Great Pumpkin Swap! Sign-ups are happening through NEXT Friday, if you want in on this fun tradition!


  1. i'm not a fan of anything about any kind of afterlife either... although that show did look quite funny. Beetlejuice is an old favourite, probably because I watched it before knowing what any of it meant, so it bypassed the fear and weirdness for me lol.
    Hmmmmm interested in your thoughts on Outlander, if you keep going. Not gonna lie, I LOVED the book & TV show - though I still haven't seen season 2 because I haven't read book 2 yet and I want to do book before movie. Claire is definitely an insufferable kind of person... but I don't mind. I love Jamie. Ha.
    I'm horrible with the weather! Always have been. I used to shout out to my mum 'do I need a jumper today? Shorts or pants?' lol and I'm basically the same as an adult. I ask KC - how cold is it? and whatever he says, I add a layer. I never need to worry about how hot it is, not here.

  2. I've only watched This is Us. I'm not good for up to the mo' TV stuff.

    MFD is a compulsive weather checker!

  3. I haven't had cable for a few years so I'm never up to speed on new shows (until they're a year old and arriving on Netflix for the first time!) but I did steal my boyfriend's Hulu with every intention of falling all over myself watching This is Us very soon.

    I compulsively check the weather too. It's literally the top widget on my phone's dashboard and I keep the widget on my mac too. I hate being caught outside underdressed and then dealing with being too cold/too hot/not equipped with an umbrella. How do people not prepare?!

  4. Did any areas close to you get the snow I saw the resorts start to get this past weekend? I know it didn't last long but it still was pretty! I don't think we'll be in colorado for skiing this year, sounds like they want to go to Banff so I'll enjoy all the Colorado pics I can see :)

  5. the only thing I've started watching is Empire and I'm almost finished Narcos (So good!)

  6. I'm currently binging Orphan Black. The only new show I've tried so far is Designated Survivor and I absolutely love it. Still waiting on How to Get Away with Murder. Oh, and I watch Superstore. It's pretty freaking funny.

  7. I had no idea about Shameless! I'll have to see if I can access it over the weekend! I tried The Good Place but felt eh about it, even though I wanted to like it. I'd rather just watch more Tiny House Hunters. I'm addicted...

  8. I just finished season 4 of Shameless...I'm rooting so hard for Lip! Also, it's going to be in the 80's next week & I am soooo happy about it! Sure I'd rather it be in the 60's, but in Phoenix, you take what you can get. ;) I'm just glad it's cooled off at night & in the morning!

  9. I always have been obsessed with weather. My dad thought for sure I was going to be a meteorologist when I grew up :)
    I kinda liked Speechless more than I thought I would

  10. Some of those shows look good, hopefully they'll be on Hulu or something...I tried Shameless, didn't like it. Still bored with OUAT.

    I don't understand people who don't check the weather, either. I check it religiously even though it's basically the same every single day.

  11. Yesterday I was horrified because it rained and that was NOT on my weather app. I was totally unprepared. Myths about British people carrying brollies around with them everywhere they go are not true - I'm not carting around extra weight unless I need it! Yesterday I needed it :(

  12. I am definitely ready for cooler temperatures!! However, Louisiana laughs in the face of winter haha.

  13. I binged Shameless over the summer on Netflix, and now so I don't have to pay for Showtime, I am waiting...wah.

  14. As you know, I'm obsessed with Outlander. I actually bought the first two volumes of Season 1 on DVD from Amazon because I NEEDED to see the show. (It's SO annoying that it's not on Netflix.) Anyway, even though I'm biased, I swear to you that Claire gets better throughout the books (and therefore, she should throughout the show). Once she really comes to terms with things, she is much less of a brat about it all!

  15. In my opinion, Jamie's accent, rugged good looks, cute knees in that kilt, and charm more than make up for Claire's annoying traits. ;)


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