July 13, 2016

More iPad Screenshots




If you have to search for a pin about what to watch on Netflix, you have too much time on your hands because it means you've already watched everything  you've wanted to watch.


These make me twitch. Effort and pleasing to the eye is attractive when it comes to classrooms.



That's exactly what I would do.


This has been floating around on Facebook. I'm not a Grey's fan, but I think this is really amusing. 


  1. Okay, these made me nearly snort-laugh! Street name! BA HAHAHA!

  2. The gifs won't print was my fave. Oh, and Dr. Drake Ramoray.

  3. I agree about the classroom picture. I have lots of cardboard boxes (some with items and some empty) on top of the cabinets in my room, but I covered the fronts and sides that could be seen with decorative duct tape. This way, it doesn't look so awful.

    And HAHA to the Greys and Friends pic!

  4. i am a greys fan (haven't watched this last season) so that last one makes me laugh. and i would totally do the high to low thing if i won the lottery as well.


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