July 14, 2016

A list of things.

+I don't understand how people are this stupid. You can play a live-action video game. In fact, go for it. But it's like we're being tested and Darwin's theories are becoming tried and true. Part of me doesn't believe that it's come to this. I truly don't understand the why.

Quotes from the video link up there: It's tempting to run across the street and I ran into a pole the other day.
And sometimes people run into each other and into other objects too.
There is a chick who found a dead body in a stream in her quest and she just wants to keep playing.

**EDIT** I forgot to put this in. This is what the local Air Force base had to say about Pokemon Go.

These are depressing times.

Smoke from the wildfires mixing with the clouds in the distance.

+Things you don't want to say to your husband while he's deployed: If I had to evacuate because of a wildfire, what vehicle do I take?
Scott literally didn't know what to say to this. And then he answered with Well, the most expensive one. So the truck. You don't like your SUV anyway.
Me: I like it. I don't trust it. There's a difference.
Him: Well, it'd probably be okay in the driveway anyway. But you'd probably park it in the field to get rid of it.

**For the record, insurance company, you will find it in the driveway, should it come to this.**

+I noticed that, in the Show Us Your Books link-up this week, many people have been reading The Nightingale. I mentioned on Tuesday that I'm a bit burnt out on the WWII genre right now and this could've attributed to the decline...here's my review of The Nightingale last year:

If you can power through the first 6 or 7 chapters of this book without ripping it in half, returning it to the library, or falling asleep, you'll be treated to a decent story about WWII.  It's just your classic semi-love story, kind-of-adventure story, told from different points of view and from different time periods.  If you like WWII fiction, give it a try. I enjoyed it well enough but it did drag a bit.  Definitely written from a chick-lit point of view with a dab of historical fiction, not the other way around. This wasn't a book I couldn't stop listening to; it wasn't THAT good.  But it wasn't bad. Just took me a while to finish.

^^That first sentence is pretty telling, right?

+I went to the dentist the other day. As I was sitting in the chair, I thought that I probably should've been putting effort into flossing lately. I usually pick up the habit a few weeks before a cleaning, just to give off the vibe that I take care of my teeth properly. This time, I'd forgotten.
When the hygienist said I had a few sensitive spots, I said That's probably from lack of flossing. Might as well be honest.
But no cavities, per usual, so I must be doing something right.

+I went to the doctor for a procedure/test thing yesterday and it was awful, but it wasn't nearly as awful as when I had the same thing done a few years ago on base. This just goes to show that going off-base is worth it. Eventually I will make that move from Tricare Prime to Tricare Standard (which I keep threatening to do).

+It was a stressful week. And it's only Thursday. Here's some funny stuff from yesterday in case you missed it. Funny things are good.


  1. I know nothing about Pokémon. It's not anything that I care to learn about. Therefore, I know nothing about this craze. Whatever someone does to have fun in their life, as long as it isn't hurting another living creature, go for it...but don't talk to me about it, because I don't care. ha.
    I like your note to the insurance company. Just in case.
    Yea, I'd say giving the WWII books a break was a good decision for you.

  2. I was almost hit by a car of kids chasing Pokemon on Monday and have been walked into umpteen times on the streets this week by players. I don't care what anyone does, but just be safe and be cognizant of others. Don't walk and look at your phone. Pull off to the side and do that.

  3. I don't know that I've seen anyone actually playing Pokemon Go in real life. Lots of internet friends are doing it. I don't quite understand it, don't care to, and since the child doesn't want to do it either, we'll just keep avoiding it.

    I haven't read The Nightingale. Don't plan to because I know I don't like historical fiction. I think it's okay that so many people love it and for you not to. It's like your 50 Shades of Gray where you can't understand why the whole world likes it and not you.

  4. This whole Pokemon Go thing has gotten out of control, it is making people nuts including those who have come into my fenced in yard.

  5. The Pokemon thing.....*sigh* SMH.

    I love the conversation you had with Scott about which vehicle to take in case of evacuation!!

    And I do the same thing with the dentist. I start off great after a cleaning with flossing every day. Then I slack off and pick it back up a couple of weeks before my appointment, and then the cycle starts all over again. haha

  6. That's actually an interesting question to ponder, about evacuation and whatnot. I see his point though, you'd get a new car out of it ;)

  7. my coworker walked into a glass door last week playing pokemon. i just laughed. i loved pokemon when i was a kid, i have no desire to play it now (i downloaded it, thinking i could play on my couch, realised i couldn't, and deleted it). my friend's kid is outside more so she loves it, but he's really aware of other people and cars so wouldn't do anything stupid, but still. i hope people get over it soon.


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