July 5, 2016

A June Goal Review and July's To-Do List

I set a few goals for June and now that it's July, I want to reflect back...

1. Actually work on my ebook. This was a New Year's Resolution. It's time to get on that. I'm setting a timer for 20 minutes a day and I must work the entire 20 minutes and I'll keep going if I'm making progress. ---Yes. I have been doing this. The only time I write moderately efficiently is first thing in the morning, so that time can easily be disrupted if I have somewhere to be. I'm chugging along though.

2. Read 10 books in June. I did it one month last year. I can do it again.---Kind of? I ended with 9 new books and 4 re-reads.

3. I have a list of TV shows to chip away at. I already crossed one off by catching up on the end of this past season of New Girl yesterday. ---It's very ironic that this is the one thing I haven't done at all. I just don't feel like it. If I don't care enough to catch up, it might not be worth watching, right? I'm behind on virtually everything that was on TV in the last year except for New Girl and Jane the Virgin. Oh well. 

4. Find some more furnishings and such for the house. I need a nice armchair and some odds and ends. ---Yeah, okay. I got a chair. 

5. Continue organizing the basement. ---YES. It will sound dumb, but I pick one day to work on the basement each week. I have about 3 podcasts that come out each week, so I save them up and listen to them and work until they're over. 

It's not finished at all, but it's livable and useable and things have locations in which they go. The goal of having a giant finished basement is to add square footage to the house after all. The drywall isn't done, but it's done enough to make it usable space. Here's the before pictures. Below is after. It's not done, again, but at least I can spread out my anchor charts in peace. 


But now it is July and I turned the page on my deployment countdown calendar last week. That felt good. I won't tell you what day we're on because of OPSEC, and this isn't nearly the last page I'll be turning on this deployment, but it felt good nonetheless.

In July....


I was going to make a up a list of things to do but I don't really feel like it. I have a lot of projects I can do but, again, I don't really feel like doing projects. Instead I will: Maintain getting up in the morning and being productive. Maintain with Pilates (you can see on that calendar that since I decided not to go to the gym this summer, I buckled down with my free time). Maintain with cooking and eating well (something I just recently started doing in the last few weeks).

It strikes me that this is what deployment is like for SAHWs and I want to jump for joy at the fact that I know time will speed up significantly come August. This deployment, aside from day-to-day struggles, wasn't actually difficult until mid-June came along and I realized I had nothing to do and no one to spend time with. Life stops during deployment; it's like suspended animation. You pick up where you left off, yes, but for 9-15 months, you just kind of are there.


I'll revisit this in August and, I'll have you know, I have a countdown to the first day I need to be back at school. 37 days until teachers begin, and I'll probably start hopping into my classroom sooner rather than later to get things together.  There's a lot of things to get together, after all.


  1. Crazy! It feels like the school year just ended. Have a wonderful July!

  2. Maintain is a good goal for July.

    I can already feel myself slipping into summer lazy.

  3. Ugh no summers anymore for anyone, haha! Before we know it, school will be year round.

  4. Happy July!! :) I think it's smart to only spend a few days at a time working on the basement, I would do the same!

  5. i think maintain is a great goal. that's funny that you are behind on all shows except those 2, i am behind on lots of shows.. including those 2 haha.
    i can't imagine how much time slows down during the summer for you while scott is away. i talk crap about wishing i had the summer off, but being alone is not something i'm great at. i like alone time, i like me time, but not too much of it.
    good job on the basement!


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