June 2, 2016

A list of aspirations for Thursday.

Wait. Is it Thursday? I don't actually know because IT'S SUMMER and I don't have to be accountable for anything!

Between laying around and actually finishing a book yesterday and eating whenever I want and playing tourist all weekend, I've completely lost track of time. It's wonderful.

Speaking of teaching...I'm going to highlight this list from Buzzfeed. It's really just full of teacher memes but the one about extra credit particularly spoke to me. My experience is usually the child saying that My mom/dad wants to know if there's extra credit. I've heard it more times than I can count and it always makes me laugh a little bit.


So I do have some aspirations for this summer (believe it or not). I'm not setting myself up for failure. There will be no gardening, no attempting to learn a brand-new skill, etc.

For June...

1. Actually work on my ebook. This was a New Year's Resolution. It's time to get on that. I'm setting a timer for 20 minutes a day and I must work the entire 20 minutes and I'll keep going if I'm making progress.

2. Read 10 books in June. I did it one month last year. I can do it again.

3. I have a list of TV shows to chip away at. I already crossed one off by catching up on the end of this past season of New Girl yesterday.

In addition to watching these shows to catch up on TV, I'm watching "comfort TV" at night while I blog/read/fold laundry/etc. Right now, it's True Blood from the beginning. Something about summer makes me want to watch this show from season one. Ah, the good old days.

4. Find some more furnishings and such for the house. I need a nice armchair and some odds and ends.

5. Continue organizing the basement.

I also have a checklist of boring things to chip away at, but that's not worth sharing.

Any high ambitions for June?


  1. My June calendar is PACKED somehow and it's only June 2nd. I'm looking forward to a busy schedule, I thrive on it.

    So you're writing an ebook?

  2. I think you'll definitely be able to knock these out. The 10 books will be challenging, but a great challenge :)

  3. Awww! The early seasons of True Blood. Summery feeling show to me as well. Enjoy! Is it on Netflix?

  4. My lingering ahole basement reorganization project needs to be fully completed. I'm over myself.

    What other shows are on your list?

  5. I am right there with you about not knowing what day it is... Well, I'm almost there. The kids' last day was last Friday, teachers' last day was Tuesday. Give me a week and I'll be in full summer mode and I'll have a severe case of what I call "summer amnesia" where I can't remember the date or day or the week and I don't care!

    June ambitions... Hmm... A thorough cleaning of the master bedroom, a thorough purging of clothing (mine and my husbands), pressure wash deck, a trip home to WV to see the family, read only books that I own or have in my possession that will work for 2 reading challenges I am participating in this month, and continue this "cleaner" eating regimen that I started Tuesday.

  6. I think you can do it! :) Here is to a successful June!

  7. Definitely jealous of your break, but I know you work hard during the school year, so I *guess* I won't be too jealous. What kind of ebook?! That sounds exciting!

  8. Something about May and the upcoming summer always makes me start watching Glee from Season 1 as well. I've been binge watching a lot lately and am about halfway through season 4.

    Just a few more hours here, and I'm "free."

  9. I'm with you not knowing (or caring) what day it is! Yesterday we went to a baseball game. In the middle of the week. Because we can. :)

    As far as June aspirations I started 30 Day Shred yesterday. I've also got a stack of 4 books to read (which pales in comparison to your 10!), and some house organizing to do.

    Hooray for summer!

  10. My aspirations for June is to finish unpacking my house!!! Because then July is here and its crazy time, haha!

  11. haha i have been wanting to rewatch true blood! must be the season. good luck with your ebook and reading and all that jazz.


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