June 8, 2016

Wednesday Things.

This is the truest thing I've ever read.

I return carts simply because I don't want people judging me. Though they probably wouldn't return a cart themselves.

This cat looks SO happy and peaceful. It's what we all aspire to, right?


The dog will judge you for that too. 

Perfect for a duck hunter like my husband. 

Many of these are just screenshots, but some can be found on my Pinterest board. 


  1. Amen to the shopping cart thing! I watch ppl all the time abandon shopping carts in the parking lot instead of walking 15 feet to the cart corral. I just shake my head and think "Uncivilized @sshat..."

  2. Someone told me that when you're on hold, they still are listening so if you cuss or something they'll hear and make your wait time shorter.

  3. That first meme cracks me up!!!! lol.

  4. haha ... so lol'ed at the 200 lb one.
    I always take a grocery cart back just to get in extra steps for my Fitbit :)

  5. #TeamNoOxfordComma ;)

    We hired an admin assistant recently who, within the first week of working here, told us all about her past arrests, alcoholic boyfriend, fights she has gotten in with her neighbors, daughter who doesn't want to live with her because of her boyfriend, past ex-husband stories, and the list goes on...

    ...She doesn't work here anymore.

  6. LOL! These are too accurate! Especially the cat one!

  7. I laughed forever at the feathers thing. That was way too funny and unexpected!


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