June 7, 2016

A IG video (#truth) + What I learned from blogging each day

Nichole posted this video last week and it was everything I was thinking when I stopped using Instagram early on in May. It's a tool that we can unknowingly use as a measurement of comparison. I don't even know what I'm measuring half the time but it almost never fails to make me feel bad in some way. 
However, I was using Instagram in 2011 and that's long before the general population found it, right? 
I can overcome this first-world problem.
It's the same thing as Pinterest. I was using it long before the masses, therefore I just put on my basic-filter when I look at it and I have been finding some gems lately. 


But, I did learn a few things in my experiment of blogging every day for a month.

1. It's not that difficult. If you think about it, writing out a few sentences, adding a picture, and hitting publish isn't hard. I think the perfectionist in me wants to make the most of each post and I didn't have a chance to do that this month and that was good for me. 

2. I "talked" a lot more than I'm used to doing. I shared a lot of stuff that I'm not used to sharing. I won't say that my blog is a highlight reel because it's not that curated and it's not hiding anything (ahem, some Instagram users). But I usually only share what I deem worth it at that time. I got a lot less picky about that in May. 

3. I skipped one day by mistake. In my opinion, this was a good thing. It initially bothered me because, if you think about it, there's no true way to remedy that. I can't go back in time and insert a post for May 30th. Well, I could. But I won't. That's cheating.

4. I still held back. There were several things I could've said and I didn't. Or more I probably could've written about. Maybe 31 days wasn't actually long enough?

5. I'll probably just stick to a 5-day a week schedule from here on out. Posting on the weekends is stressful. No one reads it, so I had to link back to it. I don't understand this. The only time I really have to read blogs (if it's not summer) IS during the weekend. How are you all reading/commenting/writing during the week? If I don't prep and catch up by Sunday morning, it won't happen. 

You can read all the May posts by clicking on that link above. If you're so inclined. 


  1. I think the nature of some jobs allows some people more time through the workday to read and comment on blogs. My husband's job, for example, involves some days that are hectic, but also days that have a lot of downtime. During those downtime days, he does a lot of Internet perusing.... Teachers don't get those kind of moments b/c there are always kids right there in front of you.

    I don't post on weekends much, unless it is a check-in for a reading challenge or something. I try to do my blog prepping on weekends. Kudos to you for blogging that much in May - one of the most insane months as an educator!

  2. I agree that posting on weekends is stressful, you just never know who is going to be around to read it.

  3. that video is hilarious... & so scary true. You can pretty much tell anymore if every picture of someone's is perfect that they are BS'ing the world & no one is buying it.
    I love real people on IG.
    I used to post on Saturdays but its crazy how the blog world shuts down on the weekends. A total 9-5 week day thing. Weird.

  4. My solution to nobody reading my blogs on the weekends: I don't blog. ;)

  5. I've been so out of the blogging world that I had no idea you did this :-/ But I'm super impressed with your commitment, friend!

  6. that video is hilarious and i can definitely see it being true for some people, heck probably for myself not that long ago. i try and post more real life things now, because no matter how hard i tried, i couldn't get that perfect picture. i'm not a perfectionist, but i'm really good at comparing myself to others haha. so i made myself stop comparing (like it was totally easy...) and post what i want to post.
    as for blogging, i am not a busy person, but i don't have time to blog 5 days a week and read everyone else's blogs and do my normal day job and go to the gym and sleep and read etc etc. of course, i have the time, i just choose to spend it how i want. sometimes i am days late on reading blogs (like today, hi) and sometimes i am weeks behind, like i was the week before last i think? sometimes my work is busy, sometimes it isn't, most of the time i read a blog here or there in between what i am supposed to be doing. some days i don't have that time, some days i have more. i don't read blogs or post on the weekend, unless it's a scheduled post that i am posting more for myself (like my shopping posts). i like my weekends to be blog free, but like ericka mentioned above, i think we have very different kinds of jobs. i am on a computer all day, most of the time i don't want to be on one when i get home. KC uses a computer or whatever during his day, but not constantly like me, so when he gets home he enjoys being on the computer.


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