June 1, 2016

Caves, Pikes Peak, Incline, Etc.

Last week, my brother and his girlfriend came to visit Colorado. 

After a welcome-to-Colorado hailstorm, we headed out the next day to see some things. We went to Cave of the Winds. With the military discount, it was $16 a person for a 45 minute walking tour. It was worth it. 

Views from the top of the mountain

Cave pictures aren't super interesting, but it was neat enough and I took a bunch anyway.  They take a professional picture of each group and try to sell it to you at $15 a picture. We didn't buy.

The boot one at the bottom made me chuckle.

Saturday, we went up the Cog Railway to Pikes Peak. Because of snow on the tracks, we only got to 11,500 feet (the summit is 14,000 and some) but they gave us each an $8 discount because of it so it was worth it. I did this last year too and we got to 13,000ish feet so I might have to try in July to actually get to the summit. 

 On Sunday, we did the Manitou Incline.

I sent this picture to Scott halfway up the incline to prove that I was actually doing it. The hat is to prevent sunburn but it does look rather jaunty in each picture. Better that than sunburn, I suppose. 

Super crowded at the top. 

I read the "directions" once at the bottom again.

All three of us at the top.


  1. LOL @ "This is how we get high in Colorado." Looks like fun!! I absolutely loathe stair hikes, but that view would be worth it. There's a hike here that's 1.6 miles of almost nothing but stairs. I did it once, and basically refuse to do it again.

  2. You go doing the incline. I imagine you feel quite accomplished at the top. Stairs are tough.

  3. Wow, that looks so gorgeous! Kudos to you!

  4. Way to go!! :) I've heard awesome things about the incline.

  5. What a beautiful view! That must've felt good once you got to the end :)

  6. I love the Cave of the Winds! Been a few times. And somehow have never hiked all the way up the Incline. I want to, but we always visit Colorado in the winter, and I don't have patience for activities in the winter ;) I've also never done the cog railway, but we've been to the top of Pikes Peak!

  7. holy moly! that looks intense. good for you! seeing it through a computer screen is making my stomach drop, so i am not sure i could do it.

  8. OH MY GOSH! Good job! Go you! How was it?
    And I'm glad to hear that the cave of the Winds is worth it! We've been wondering if it was.

  9. I love Colorado! I have never hiked the incline, but it looks like torture and fun. The views are gorgeous at the top.


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