April 4, 2016

Weekending (It's April!)

I finished the Rose Gardner series (thus far) and sent this text to my coworker. I had guesstimated wrong earlier, when she'd asked how many books I'd been listening to.

But never fear: Denise Grover Swank has plenty of other books for me to spend my money on. I don't know WHY I can't find them at the library but I enjoy the narration so I'll keep on with it (insert money-flying-away emoji here).

I bought new sneakers because I need something with more support. After three stores, these were the only ones that really spoke to me and were under x amount of dollars.  As I'm trying to add cardio back into my routine, I've discovered that my Nikes I bought awhile back do not provide enough cushion. While I'm not doing cardio a lot these days, I know I won't do it at all if I feel like my feet are going to hurt. Preemptive measures are necessary.

I also went to an FRG potluck and went out to lunch with two wives from Scott's company. But there are obviously no pictures because, truthfully, I don't like it when IRL people know about my blog.  I feel like it gives people a whole other platform on which to judge me. Strangers are a safer bet. 

We went to Amanda's Fonda in Old Colorado City. It was okay. Good atmosphere, but when my salad arrived without dressing, the waiter said Oh did you want dressing?

Fun Fact: I won't use a gif if I don't know what show it's from.

I got a pedicure with my co-worker. About 4 hours before the pedicure, I had dropped my razor in the shower and cut my toe. It wasn't a bad cut, but I'm notorious for getting little cuts that take forever to heal (maybe it has to do with that low platelet issue). So the poor woman doing the pedicure had to seal it up with something and put cotton on it. 

See the gravel and sharp pointy plants that damage feet? I'm not really looking forward to summer.

I usually leave big tips, but I should have left an even bigger one. 

Sunday, I washed cars and did laundry. Very exciting stuff.  No schoolwork was done. Nothing like starting the week off already behind. 


  1. I hear ya about not want people IRL knowing about your blog, I don't tell many people about mine.

  2. I feel a little bit special that I'm an "IRL person" that knows about your blog ;) Cute new shoes, too! I'm in the market for a new pair but can't seem to find any that aren't either way overpriced or so neon you need sunglasses to look at them. Nice find!

  3. Love the new kicks! I wish I could wear Nikes, but the limited number of times I've tried, I got shin splints and my knees would kill me. I switched to Asics and haven't had a problem since. I've heard a lot of mixed opinions on Nike's aesthetic vs. actual performance and for me, all the criticisms were definitely true. But those colors...!

    I NEVER told anybody IRL about my blog, either. I remember one time a woman in town found out about it because I happened to comment on her niece's blog (who doesn't even live here) and after that I didn't blog for WEEKS. I think I actually shut it down not long after that. Small town problems...

  4. Strangers ARE a safer bet until those strangers become people you know IRL and then it's all weird.

    I won't use a GIF if I don't know where it's from, either. I need a frame of reference!

  5. I hate starting the week off behind.

    Love your new sneakers!

    I am always getting the toe cuts from dropping the razor. WTH.

    Pretty much everyone I know knows that I blog.

  6. 'Oh did you want dressing?' WTF?!

    oh no about the series!! i am definitely gonna give them another try here soon, when i feel like reading again. good to know she has other books though, hope they are just as good.

    i don't like when people in real life know about my blog either. my 3 friends know i do, but when we go out, i rarely take photos because i feel like such a weirdo, unless i would have taken photos before the blog, if that makes sense. or i wait and try and be sneaky, but for the most part, nope lol

  7. Fun fact: the ladies at my nail salon will not accept tips. Australia doesn't really tip much anyway (their wages are much higher).

    I like those new nikes!

  8. I agree about the GIF thing. If you don't get the reference, then it doesn't make sense! I even hesitate to send them to someone if I'm not sure that person will get the reference either.

  9. I'm the same way about my blog. People get weird and judgey. I have to know you for a long time before it comes up and then there is a reason it comes up. My husband just tells everyone.


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