August 8, 2014

A major meltdown

…was brought on by this purple door.  First, I don't understand why you would paint a door purple.  I don't think you could ever find a way to justify such an act.  Between the purple door and the unicorn room, this place is like the house version of Comic Sans.

Regardless, I've had plans for 2 months to paint this door.  Last week, I bought paint.  

On Saturday, Scott had to work.  He came home around noon and then we needed groceries so I went to the store and ran errands while he napped off an 80 hour work week.  So the day was kind of shot.  We've been making it a point to get out of the house at least once each weekend simply because if we stay here too long we'll go insane. The house is a living breathing version of Comic Sans to-do list.  The plan was to take care of things in the morning and take the dogs swimming at a state park in the afternoon.  However, as I looked around the house at everything that hasn't yet been accomplished, I started to feel anxious.  I took to the door, while I was cleaning up the yard and doing laundry and trying to pack a picnic all at the same time.  

As I was painting this purple door, I found myself getting angrier and angrier.  WHY WOULD YOU PAINT A DOOR PURPLE?, I thought.  I gritted my teeth.  I felt all the frustration I was holding onto over school anxiety, army problems, remodeling stress, and health issues come to the surface.  The door had me in tears.  

You see, this door seemed to be something I could control.  Lately, I've been going to the doctor a lot and I can't control the myriad of things I apparently have wrong with me.*  Last week, for the second time, I was told I have a low platelet count.  What does that even mean, right?  I mean, you can't control your platelets.  

But I could control this door. Of course, I shouldn't have to control it in the first place.  BECAUSE THE DOOR NEVER SHOULD'VE BEEN PAINTED PURPLE TO BEGIN WITH.  I don't understand why some people insist on wasting our God-given free will. So I had to put blue tape around the frame, I had to be calm about it so it would line up correctly, I had to paint gently enough that the Lincoln Cottage Black wouldn't splatter all over me  (it did anyway), and I had to be patient enough to wait for it to dry before I could pull the tape off.  

Anyway, that purple door and all my worries ruined my day.  We didn't leave for the lake until 3:30.  It was a 2 hour drive.  There were no lakeside spots except near some people who seemed to be Russian mafia (and we've been watching The Americans, so we're on alert for such things). But it was too chilly up in the mountains for swimming anyway.  The charcoal wouldn't light because it was wet and Scout's shock collar had a dead battery.  The dogs ended up eating a dead turtle.  By the time we left, it was dark and we stopped at Culver's on the way home.  Frozen custard makes most things better.

*It's really just like one or two things but I'm pretty overdramatic, I guess.

[note: all unedited pictures]

But at least the door isn't purple anymore.


  1. Ahh beautiful Colorado. I kind of like the purple... but since you got rid of the unicorn, might as well take away all the magic, right? ;)

  2. The door looks great though! In the end it is all okay. You got to spend time with your doggies and husband and the door is no longer purple! I'm sorry that you are having health problems! I know all about that! Sending you good weekend vibes!

  3. I feel your pain. Technically the house is fine, but there are things I don't understand as to WHY the previous owners did it. And some days I want to scream. If I had been you, I am like 99% sure I would have reacted the same way. Last night we did a deep clean and moved the boxes that are still packed into one room. I finally have some calm in the chaos and feel so much better. I was surprised as to just how much better I felt! You'll get there on the house. I'm sorry it's been rough for you. In other news, I love the nature shots! CO seriously looks lovely.

  4. Oh yes--I think major home remodeling projects are just the right sort of conditions to inspire such wrath. I have to say though, I actually CAN imagine painting a door purple, so maybe I'm that kind of person that you were so angry about. But not that particular door. I don't like purple on your door at all (black is much better!), but I can imagine having one of those antique-style wood doors painted purple in this quaint little funny-shaped house in the heritage district downtown.

  5. But those views just make everything go away! :)

  6. The pictures are gorgeous, the pups look happy and you did a great job on the door... but.... HOW CAN YOU HATE THE PURPLE!?

  7. Oh, friend. All those stupid frustrating things pile up and just SUCK! And a purple door? My favorite color in the world is purple-but even if I lived in a bachelorette pad my door wouldn't be purple. Unicorns and a purple door. Interesting. Your paint job looks expertly done!

  8. I'm sorry, but I love the purple door! Colored doors - in atypical house colors - are sort of my thing. I'm glad you have it the way you want it now.

    Beautiful pics to round out the frustration! LOL

  9. I like colored doors but purple is about the last color I would choose. Ours is a dark/royal blue, because our house is a light blue with white trim. I actually hate our house color...but it's vinyl siding (as are 90% of the houses here) so we can't paint it.

    It sucks how sometimes the silliest things can set us over the edge when there are other issues going on. I get that a lot, too. Alaska, you know...

  10. The photos you posted are beautiful - absolutely breathtaking. :) Wow! The picture of the newly painted door is great also. I don't understand the choice of purple, but I like your choice of black.
    Have a great weekend!
    ~Amanda from His and Her Hobbies

  11. I don't mind the purple door but I'm glad its how you want it now. :)

  12. Well, I can't say that I don't like the purple door. I love purple. lol BUT I'm glad it's the way you want it now.

    I know what you mean, though. Sometimes something comes up, and it's just the last straw. You end up getting really worked up over something that normally wouldn't even bother you. I've been there way too many times to count.

  13. "this place is like the house version of Comic Sans. "

    I laughed, really loudly. Luckily I'm at home alone so no witnesses!

    Also, you live in/around the most gorgeous place, your photos are spectacular yet again!

  14. Those pictures though! (and the door looks nice too)


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